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Baking is a pleasure any cook enjoys. It is a way to create healthy meals that take you back to those sweet childhood moments. Probably that is why Bosch® was determined not only to produce unique design ovens that grace any kitchen, but also to provide them with technologies that would create a special culinary experience.

Clear proof of that are the Benchmark™ Series stainless steel multifunctional ovens. Equipped with the SteelTouch™ Control, they also feature halogen lights in the upper part to keep a check on dish readiness. These functional details are complemented with sophisticated timeless beauty.

Made in stainless steel combined with dark glass, its compact structure is a perfect match for the storage drawers. Much more than a luxury appliance, this is a decorative and functional element for design kitchens.
Practicality is without a doubt a fundamental part of Bosch® philosophy. In their steam convection oven you can prepare dishes crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – an ideal ally for cooking a juicy turkey, piglet or chicken, much like for baking bread, pizza, or simply reheating. Besides, it is equipped with a special set to adjust temperature and humidity for perfect oven-roasted vegetables, keeping their color and nutritional value intact.

Signature Bosch® technologies make this appliance an essential element in any modern home thanks to such characteristics as cooking timer, self-cleaning function, the water tank that can be used during the whole cooking cycle, and the safety feature for children. Additionally, it’s easy to install, as it does not require plumbing, and has a capacity of 1.4 cubic feet.

To develop culinary creativity, this oven comes together with a rack, one perforated tray and two non-perforated ones, and a recipe book with a rich variety of dishes. Thus, the Benchmark™ Series ovens prove to be a dream assistant any cook would wish for. Just pick up a recipe of your choice – the rest is on Bosch®!




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