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Bosch knows that the flavor and power of a well-made espresso have no comparison. It’s the purest form to enjoy a good coffee and even the toughest test for a barista. However, the beverage with most fans around the world puts on three new suits for the delight of their lovers and to present the benefits of the Built-In from Bosch, the new best friend of this type of coffee.


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Hot espresso ice cream

Yes, the name seems crazy, but the flavor of this beverage is even crazier. This is a combination of two portions of freshly brewed espresso from the machine and milk foam in a cold cup that is crowned with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup…just a delight! And even though it seems like a dessert that could be served at any restaurant, it can be easily prepared at home.

The Built-In machine from Bosch allows you to prepare two different or similar beverages at the same time, so the preparation time for espressos won’t be a problem. On the other hand, the aroma of the dessert will be preserved despite the cold temperature of the ice cream, since Bosch added the AromaPro system to this machine, specifically designed to enhance the aroma of the coffee thanks to the application of the necessary pressure on the bean.

Spiced espresso

To surprise your guests on a rainy afternoon, nothing beats a spiced coffee. This is a chai tea prepared in hot foamy milk, mixed with espresso, and sprinkled with cocoa shavings.

How can you obtain that creamy milk crowned with foam? By ordering its preparation from anywhere in the house using the Home Connect app that allows you to control the Built-In machine from Bosch remotely. Besides, it won’t be necessary to worry about the decalcification of the machine. The vapor cleaning system will get rid of any milk residue in a matter of seconds.


La Cuisine International


Iced espresso with coconut

The main character of our dreams, a good espresso, served this time in a glass with a bottom layer of brown sugar is mixed with coconut ice cream, crowned with milk foam and decorated with ground cinnamon and toasted coconut shavings.

If you want to enjoy a flavor with more or less intensity, the Built-In allows you to regulate the roasting degree of the coffee bean to adjust the intensity of the flavor to your taste. Additionally, its alert sensors will let you know when the levels of water or coffee aren’t enough, so the pleasure of this beverage/dessert isn’t accidentally interrupted.

The virtues of the Built-In from Bosch are as diverse as the ways to enjoy an espresso, among which are the possibility to enjoy other classic presentations of coffee just with the touch of a button: latte, macchiato, and cappuccino in the amounts that you wish are at your reach.


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