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Bosch knows that a refrigerator is a key appliance in any kitchen. For this precise reason, the German brand has concentrated all its efforts on designing appliances that are technologically equipped to preserve your groceries longer, and aesthetically simple enough to be adapted to any kitchen style, wherever it’s placed. But there’s more…


In today’s kitchen design scheme, appliances must meet very specific conditions: They must be easy to clean, simple to integrate into the rest of the furniture, durable, and above all, able to be operated intuitively. You can find all these features and more in Bosch’s refrigerators line.


That’s why its 800 series refrigerators are kitchen appliances that every household looks forward to. Why? Well, because they are a technological gem manufactured to make your life easier, optimize your shopping, and even allow you to enjoy culinary pleasures if you so desire.



The motto “Innovation for your life”


For Bosch, the slogan “Innovation for your life” is more than a phrase that accompanies its products. It’s a commitment to quality and service to its users and customers. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the different refrigerators of the 800 series stand out for the integrated technological innovations and the features they offer depending on the model you choose.

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The first feature we would like to highlight when it comes to a combined appliance (refrigerator/freezer) is their generous capacity: 21 cubic feet. To this, we must add the additional space offered thanks to their flexible FlexBar® storage system, which consists of pull-out shelves and compartments on both doors that allow you to arrange the interior of the appliance as you please.


Also, the 800 series refrigerators can be fully integrated, include a filtered water dispenser to make ice, have a large capacity freezer (3 drawers) and, since they comply with the rigorous Bosch standards, these are category A appliances. This means that they are quiet (40 dB) and have the Energy Star® certification that certifies them as energy-efficient appliances.



The charm is in the details


If you are interested in the details, we can tell you that the B36CL81ENG model stands out for offering a space specially dedicated to bottles and cans, which means that you can add a beverage center to your kitchen.


This refrigerator also comes with two important innovations that’ll allow you to preserve your food longer. The first is the MultiAirFlow,™ which circulates cool air evenly to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the appliance, from the door compartments to the rear corners. The second feature is called VitaFreshPro™, which is a drawer where you can store your favorite foods, and customize the temperature and humidity to preserve them longer.


MultiAirFlow Screenshot Fridge


The B36CT80SNS model has the two previously mentioned systems (VitaFreshPro® and MultiAirFlow™), plus two exciting additions: the new FarmFresh System® and the AirFresh® Filter. The first feature is a combination of four innovative technologies developed by Bosch (VitaFreshPro®, FreshProtect®, AirFresh® Filter, and MultiAirFlow™) designed to take food preservation to the next level by minimizing food waste, while the second one is a filter that absorbs the strongest odors in the appliance, keeping the air fresh in both areas, refrigerator and freezer.


So, just take the time to learn more about the products included in this series and choose the Bosch refrigerator model that best fits your lifestyle to give your kitchen the long-awaited appliance your family needs.


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