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An oven isn’t just an appliance. These devices, that previously reminded us of the sweet scents of out grandmother’s kitchen, are nowadays the best allies of a healthy diet and our hectic modern lifestyle due to their technological accessories.

In that sense, the German brand, Bosch, is always ahead of the rest, offering consumers a wide variety of sizes and functions, turning ovens into the favorite pieces of kitchen designers. Bosch ovens are not only beautiful, but also have many technological advantages that put them at the top of the category. Therefore, they are the first choice – of architects, interior designers, and customers in general – when it comes to choosing an oven for the home.


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Small spaces, big solutions

Imagine arriving home to find the lasagna you have been dreaming about all day in the oven. Yes, the lasagna your mother used to make. Now that doesn’t have to be a dream anymore, especially if you don’t have a big kitchen. The 24” oven from the 500 series of Bosch (HBE5452UC) is exactly what you need.

With details in stainless steel and black tempered glass, this oven comes with ring control and TFT display that enables its easy operation. Also, this wall-oven has a great capacity (2.5 cubic feet), 11 specialized cooking modes, and can be controlled remotely thanks to its Home Connect system.


La Cuisine International


The 2 in 1 of the family

The combination ovens from Bosch are the ideal choice for big spaces. All models have in common the functional design of the brand that integrates both devices, as well as their classic appearance with a touch of stainless-steel combined with black tempered glass, and the possibility to be controlled through Home Connect.

The top range models from this family are the HBLP752UC and HBL8752UC. Even though both have similarities in terms of functionality (these are convection ovens and high-speed microwaves) and size (30”), these models have subtle differences that allow them to adapt to the needs of the final user or to the kitchen concept designed by the architect.

The similarities. Both the HBLP752UC and the HBL8752UC are wall ovens with a SmoothClose door system. Both models are Speed Ovens, so they cook faster than a conventional oven; they also come with TFT color control panel, SteelTouch ™ buttons, and a full-extension telescopic rack that allows better access to the oven cavity. On top of that, these ovens come with the option for fast preheat, which is essential when time is of the essence. Both models have the brand’s trademark 2-hour EcoClean™ cleaning system.

The differences. Among its main differences are the cooking modes of these models. The HBLP752UC has 14 specialized cooking modes, while the HBL8752UC has 12 cooking modes. A novelty of the HBLP752UC is the EcoChef mode that allows the use of the heat remaining in the oven cavity to finish the cooking process.

The following models within this 2 in 1 family are the HBL87M52UC and the HBL57M52UC. Just like their forerunners, these ovens offer the same basic characteristics in terms of size (30”) and the clean design of Bosch, which turns their ovens into appliances easy to fit into any kitchen concept.

Unlike the previous models, these built-in appliances are focused on the microwave. The differences among them are minimal: For example, both models have 10 microwave power levels, European convection system, and temperature conversion to guarantee excellent roasting in the multiple racks, as well as an extra-large window for easy monitoring of the cooking process, and the EcoClean™ self-clean cycle.

The advantages of the HBL87M52UC over the HBL57M52UC are that the first comes with a probe to cook meat, the option for fast preheat, two lights to better monitoring of the cooking progress, a timer, and delay start function.
Certainly, deciding is tough, but despite the model that fits your needs, concept or budget, this appliance will become the best ally for your home.


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