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Baking is certainly a therapy that works miracles, not only because it invites you to eat better but also, according to some studies, because it allows you to de-stress and have a more positive attitude in life.


And in these times of confinement, baking therapy has become more popular. Many have discovered the benefits of this appliance, which they consider almost magical. Others have awakened their inner pastry chef, while the healthiest of the group have found in the appliance an ally for their lifestyle.


However, to enter the Zen mode generated by baking, it’s important to have a good therapist. And for that reason Gaggenau created its BS474612 steam-oven from the 400 series, which is a 5-star steam-oven with all the technological tools that can help you achieve the tranquility and relaxation you need.


However, before we tell you about the therapist, let’s talk about the therapy.



How baking therapy works

John Whaite, the young aspiring lawyer who won the third edition of the hit British show “The Great British Bake Off,” describes baking as “Prozac without the pills.” And many psychologists and psychiatrists agree with him.


Why? Because baking brings the mind to the “here and now” mode and implies a therapeutic process based on 4 basic actions: smelling, creating, rewarding, and sharing. Now, we’ll explain them in detail.

  1. Smelling. The scents that come from baking chocolate cookies, for example, trigger endorphins, which create a sense of wellbeing and pleasure that connects us with a positive attitude.


  1. Creating. Making a recipe and solving inconveniences such as changing some of the ingredients for others you have at home, brings our brain into a creative process that makes us forget about the stress of the day. The result? we think outside the box and develop the capacity for alternative thinking that generates peace, relaxation, and joy, among other things.


  1. Rewarding. In an article in the Wall Street Journal, Jacqueline Gollan, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Feinberg School of Medicine in Northwestern University in Chicago, explains this clearly. In the article she stated that any activity that allows people to create something beautiful and comforting generates an invaluable emotional reward. You don’t have to think about it, the equation is simple: baking equals yummy.


  1. Sharing. The pleasure that comes with the act of sharing, especially in times like this of social distancing, turns baking into one of the best ways to connect with others through something that’s very basic: food. So, baking is a therapy that connects us with pleasure, peace, and wellbeing.


La Cuisine International


What about the therapist?

Well, just imagine having a therapist like the BS474612 from the 400 series by Gaggenau at home.  This is certainly a luxury. Why? The answer is quite simple.


Here we are talking about a therapist who’ll register all those recipes that make you feel like a MasterChef. And it’s worth mentioning that thanks to its intuitive touch screen and rotary controls, cooking in this appliance will be literally a piece of cake.


Also, this therapist offers to your creativity both steam cooking programs (with different degrees of humidity), as well as low temperature cooking, vacuum or sous-vide cooking, and broil. And all this aside from the defrosting and regenerating modes, which are fully customizable like the previous ones. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be able to work with it remotely from your mobile, thanks to its Wi-Fi module after you connect it to the Home Connect system (depending on your country).


So, as you can see, this oven is not only a therapist expert in culinary matters, but also puts at your disposal state-of-the-art technology that’ll help you cook almost like a chef, and most importantly, it’s self-cleaning. That is, you’ll receive a guaranteed de-stressing therapy.


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