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Ovens and microwaves are already an essential part of our kitchens. That’s why deciding between baking or heating is not a dilemma these days. You can do both because it is often just a matter of the space available or even the device itself.

Gaggenau, a German brand specialized in the design and manufacture of high-quality appliances, offers three interesting options in this regard. The brand that focuses on revolutionizing the technology in the kitchen, offers the culinary enthusiast the single oven BO450611 from the 400 series.

This 24″ oven has 13 different heating and cooking methods. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the brand allows you to equip this oven with a luxury baking accessory: a stone that turns this homemade oven into a professional one. Cakes, pizzas, breads, and more can be cooked with restaurant quality in this oven from Gaggenau.

Another of the benefits of the BO450611 is its probe to cook meats perfectly, functions for defrosting and quick heating, and a pyrolytic self-cleaning system.


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Twice as much

Just like the other products of the 400 series by Gaggenau, the double oven BX480611 is a luxury equipment for any kitchen. And not only for the beauty of its design, but also for the capacity it offers in terms of cooking and baking.

This appliance takes a professional convection kitchen to a professional level. This appliance will allow you to prepare roasted meat and a cake, as simple as choosing the right program for each one. And it happens that the BX480611 has a digital control panel that allows you to choose between 25 different languages, plus a wide variety of timing and cooking functions.

Also, just like the BO450611, this oven comes with a meat probe, includes a rotisserie/broiler, and there is a baking stone among its accessories. Both parts of the appliance can be cleaned by choosing the pyrolytic self-cleaning mode, which uses high temperatures to burn waste and food spills resulting from its use.


La Cuisine International


Two in one

Yes, the microwave BM281710 from the 200 series cannot bake, but it does offer the microwave and heating modes to be combined or used separately.

This simple looking device is a gem. It’s a powerful microwave (1200 watts and 10 output levels) with a panel to select functions; adjustable cooking time up to 90 minutes; stainless-steel exterior and interior; and it allows you to choose between 20 automatic programs based on weight (3 functions for defrosting, 6 for cooking, 9 combined, and 2 for heating). You better believe that this device is addictive. The best part? Its size (350 mm wide x 250 high x 360 deep) that makes it easy to incorporate into any kitchen.

So, don’t settle, just combine what you need. Certainly, Gaggenau has a perfect solution so that baking and heating are options that you can use at the same time.


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