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A large, spacious oven like the model EB333611 by Gaggenau is a blessing. Why? Well, because this is an appliance that allows you to make large preparations because it has the ideal size for it.


This convection oven can not only be complemented with accessories such as a pizza baking stone or a roaster (whose lid can be used as a second roasting plate) but also offers a series of functions that will turn it into the favorite appliance in your kitchen.


But, before we get into these details, there’s something important you should know. This is an old-school oven with 21st-century technology. What do we mean by that? Well, like all of the members of the EB333 series, this is a handmade appliance. The door itself is forged from a single piece of stainless steel.


And it’s precisely this solid door that keeps the heat concentrated where it should be: inside the appliance, of course. And since it has a high-quality, self-closing mechanism, you’ll never notice that it weighs 40 pounds or that you are cooking at high temperatures inside the oven.



The features you’ll love having at home


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This is an oven that is made for anxious people, so you won’t have to fearfully open your door or struggle to see what’s in it. This appliance has diagonal lights that illuminate what’s cooking inside it, allowing you to keep track of your food from any angle, thus reducing the anxiety that baking often creates.


Another great thing about this convection oven is that it has a large fan that rotates in both directions, ensuring an even cooking process. In short, you won’t have to worry about turning the chicken or turkey, because the baking will be perfect.


And if all the above was not enough to make you fall in love with this Gaggenau appliance, we have to tell you that the pyrolytic cleaning system and the catalyst included in this oven guarantee that, at the end of each cooking session, your oven will be impeccable without you making the slightest effort.



Temperature under control

Something very important that home chefs who love to experiment with recipes that need very specific and special temperatures should know is that the Gaggenau EB333611 oven allows you to have very precise control over temperature. That is, you can set this appliance to heat so low that it allows you to gently culture yogurt or to a temperature so high that you can make pizza worthy of a professional. But this is not the best thing about this appliance.


This oven, which comes with double rotisseries to cook two chickens simultaneously, has an LED lights display that will keep you informed of temperature variations. So you no longer have to worry about opening the appliance to see if the oven is too hot or too cold.


Additionally, it includes a quick heat-up function for times when you’re hungry and short on time. And if you want more features, this appliance offers 17 different heating methods to help you control exactly how you cook.


At this point, you’ll probably think that the only thing this Gaggenau oven can’t do is talk, but you can trust us, it doesn’t need to. Because when you bake as you please, there’s no need for words, don’t you think?


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