Are Millennials transforming mom’s kitchen?


Millennials have entered mom’s kitchen to transform it and turn it into their new operations center. Stoves, wooden doors, closed spaces, and exposed utensils are a thing of the past now that the new kitchen owners took charge.

The Millennial generation came to take it over by storm, transforming the design, layout, and equipment of a space that is acquiring more importance every day. Thanks to social media, and especially to Instagram, the kitchen -besides being the center of any social activity- has also turned into the lab for the dishes that later on will be the hook for the likes in social networking. Therefore, the kitchen is no longer a traditional environment, but one that is becoming more technological and sophisticated.

Less is more

Since homes are becoming smaller, and so are the kitchens, new homeowners -the generation between 25 and 35 years of age- are betting on a design based on very simple and clean lines, with more storage space, and plenty of illumination.

Clean countertops with a tendency to have less exposed implements, smooth doors without handles, appliances that can blend in with the decoration in the kitchen are the trend imposed by designers in order to broaden the spaces. The use of cold colors such as grey, long-lasting surfaces in flat colors, and storage spaces with organizers are essential to allow hosts to keep everything in order while they entertain the guests.


Gadgets in salsa

The kitchen is the meeting place for those at home as well as those who connect from afar. For that reason, a Wi-Fi connection is a must in a kitchen that aside from silverware and dinnerware now has docks for tablets, monitors, and power outlets to charge devices. It happens that nowadays meetings take place in the kitchen, where even friends and family participate remotely, and old recipe books have been replaced by tutorials or web pages.

But the internet not only reaches communication devices. The IoT allows you to control remotely several appliances, such as the dishwashers from Bosch.

Safe and simple

Without risks. Millennials aren’t fond of old cooktops that could cause accidents or a gas leak. On the contrary, induction plates -and with them glass ceramic pots- work as countertops while being able to cook your dishes with less risk of burning. Porcelain knives, unbreakable dinnerware, and microwave-friendly containers are part of the implements used by this new generation of cooks.

Luxury and personality

All this renovation means nothing if it doesn’t come with an element that exhibits the personality of the new “chef.” Retro refrigerators such as the ones manufactured by Smeg, a deluxe espresso coffee machine like Jura or a wine cabinet by Gaggenau will give us a clue about the taste of those who cook or order takeout and always want to show off their kitchen.


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