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We all enjoy having a meal outdoors. The smell and flavor of grilled meat are unbeatable, however, not everyone can afford this outdoor luxury.

A small apartment, a house without a terrace, or simply less than appropriate weather can make the pleasure of a good grilled meat seem like a distant summer dream. As it happens frequently, technology arrives like the genie from the lamp to make dreams come true, along with the brand Thermador and their new accessory for the surface of the stove: The Thermador Professional Grill.

From the garden to your kitchen

The Thermador Professional Grill connects to a source of gas and can be built-into the kitchen furniture, which allows you to use them regularly not only to grill meat but to cook any other food directly on the grill. Now it is possible to forget about the charcoal and carrying the kitchen utensils to the backyard. Besides, the ceramic surface of the Thermador Professional Grill is easy to clean and has a non-stick surface.

Specific heat

Vegetable skewers don’t have to burn anymore while you cook pork ribs. Achieving the perfect time and cooking temperature for different food is not a utopia anymore. These grills allow you to cook different food simultaneously with controlled temperature and power spaces, thus, respecting the different processes that could come up at the same time.
Smoked food, not a smoked kitchen

The grate system of the Thermador grills allows you to pick up the juices from the food in ceramic briquettes on the base of the grill. That minimizes flare-ups that originate from the contact between flammable substances and the hot heaters, so the possibility of burns or accidents is drastically reduced. Now, when it comes to flavor, the briquettes evaporate the juices, providing the food with the same smoked flavor of classic grills, but with minimal need for cleaning.

The grates and the whole surface can be easily disassembled and adjusted directly on the heating zone. That reduces cooking time and the terrible waiting time before preheating.

Waxing, polishing

Do you remember the famous task from Mr. Miyagi? Cleaning the Thermador Professional Grill will be as easy as waxing and polishing. Now you won’t have to see the end of an evening event as a tragedy in front of the grill. Dismounting the whole system is quick and simple and you just need to place the grates in soapy hot water to get rid of any grease residue to end up clean as new for the next opportunity.


La Cuisine International

Image property of Consumer Reports, available at:


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