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Cooking outdoors can be a unique experience, as comfortable as cooking inside the house. If you own a garden or a terrace, you can take advantage of these spaces to do more than just a barbecue. With the Versa PowerTM by Alfresco cooking will be a luxury, which you can afford whenever you want to enjoy a good meal surrounded by nature.

The technological innovations in terms of home appliances and accessories have made possible that more people enjoy an outdoor kitchen. That means affordable luxury for everyone. The VersaPowerTM by Alfresco offers you a wide variety of accessories and products that make it the most versatile option to complete your outdoor kitchen, with the same amenities you have inside your home. Whether you have little space or prefer a portable option, Alfresco has it all.

You won’t miss any conversation with friends or family having to go in and out of the house while you cook. You’ll be able to prepare the whole menu in the VersaPowerTM, which does not take up much space and offers you the same power as a traditional cooktop.

Power on

The cooking system of the Versa Power™ offers a heating range from 400 to 65,000 BTU of power for full cooking control, with a unique double burner system that can be controlled individually. Also, the exclusive super-resistant spider grate, which was specially designed for this appliance, has the ability to withstand the weight from the smallest of saucepans up to 100-quart stock pots. This means that you can prepare anything from a romantic dinner to a broth for the whole family.

Among the features of the Versa Power™ by Alfresco are:

  • Unique individually controlled double burner system.
  • The capacity to regulate heat on each burner. The central burner adjusts from 400 to 20,000 BTU, while the stainless-steel outer burner adjusts from 5,000 to 45,000 BTU.
  • Removable 5/16″ diameter stainless-steel spider grate.
  • Available with system for cylinder or natural gas.


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A different menu outdoors

With the Versa Power™ by Alfresco, you can offer a broad gastronomic experience to your guests and prepare more elaborate meals that delight your palates. As we already mentioned, you can show off by preparing dishes seasoned with Hollandaise sauce and white wine, since you have the control to make the perfect menu for your guests. For this task, this appliance offers some accessories that can be purchased separately.

One of them is the Teppanyaki Griddle. Despite its name, this iron griddle allows cooking more than just traditional Japanese food that falls into the category of hot dishes. With this iron griddle, you can make pancakes for breakfast, cook scrambled eggs, grill for lunch, sauté vegetables or prepare delicacies like traditional Japanese Yakisoba.

Another necessary implement is the Commercial Wok with a diameter of 21.5,” which fits perfectly into the space that is created by removing the central ring grate from the Versa PowerTM. To complete the accessories that can be purchased for the Versa Power™ by Alfresco are the Counter Cart, made of stainless-steel with drawers to store products, the Tank Housing to store gas cylinders in a safe and elegant way, the Versa Power™ Cart that allows you to move the appliance and the faucet system, and once installed, provides comfort when cooking from one place to another.

All Alfresco products are designed to withstand intense use and the passage of time, without losing their beauty and functionality. Knowing that outdoor kitchens must be able to withstand extreme climates (the cold of winter and the heat of summer), the appliances they manufacture are created with a whole new level of quality and luxury never available for the home until now. The Versa Power™ is manufactured using the same technologies used in the design of industrial kitchens for commercial restaurants.


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