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Outdoor sinks and beverage centers? Well, the answer is definitely the Versa Sink by Alfresco. This brand not only knows what is required for a good barbecue, but also all the implements and accessories that are required to make outdoor meals unforgettable.

Proof of this is the product line Versa Sink. It offers the most versatile outdoor modular beverage and sink system on the market. With different dimensions, the concept of the Versa Sink by Alfresco allows a variety of shelf configurations above the sink, including under-shelf lighting, pot racks, ice pan inserts, bottle wells, speed rails, and even towel holders. In sum, this is a system that can be adapted to meet the needs of any outdoor Sunday barbecue enthusiast.

The core of this system is the sink. Simple in design so it can fit perfectly into any outdoor kitchen style, it’s built in highly resistant stainless-steel for durability. Additionally, Alfresco placed a 1-inch foam insulation on all sides to ensure that the drinks placed on it stay cool.


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It all depends on the size

Cleverly enough, the Versa Sink system offers a variety of dimensions to fit the size of your outdoor kitchen. In each of these options, this beverage/sink center comes with accessories that vary depending on their presentation.

That way, for example, the 14″ and 24″ versions have in common the fact that they come with a hang-on front bottle speed rail (3) and self-sliding ice cover. For its part, the 30″ Versa sink bar version, comes with a 6″ deep stainless-steel ice tray that slides over the sink rails, bottle opener with towel rack, shelf for 4 bottles, blender shelf and bottle rack for condiments or sauces, which turns it into the best ally for those parties where the designated bartender needs to have everything at hand.

Obviously, Alfresco knows that you can always ask for more and that   is why each version of the Versa Silk system also has a series of accessories that can make the concept even more complete and comfortable. For example, the ice drawer under the counter is one way the brand has managed to offer more comfort to those who require it. This drawer not only saves space in the beverage center but also preserves the ice in perfect condition.

Also made of stainless-steel it has a total capacity of 150 lb. In its standard version the bar includes: a 6″ deep NSF stainless-steel tray that can hold 32 lbs. of ice and four saucepans of condiments, bottles and glass storage.

To make it eternal

There is a belief that everything made of stainless-steel is eternal. But actually, that is half the truth. Like everything else, the steel exposed to the elements has a minimal care that if follow correctly will guarantee its durability.

What are the tips to care for this material? Here we share 4 that will be the key to the “eternity” of your outdoor beverage/sink center (Note: these are also valid for your grill):

  • Regularly remove debris and lime. This will be easier if you do so after using the appliance.
  • Do not use cleaning products containing chlorine (usually sodium hypochlorite) or hydrochloric acid.
  • Do not allow high-sodium (salt) fluids to work for a long time. That is, don’t leave to clean tomorrow what was spilled today.
  • After cleaning the equipment, wipe it with a dry cloth to remove any water residue.

As you can see, these are simple steps that seem silly and even obvious but making them part of your routine will make the equipment that integrates your precious outdoor kitchen last for many, many years.


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