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Nowadays, when we spend more time at home, ovens like the Pizza Oven Plus by Alfresco are a fabulous idea. Why? Well, because it offers you and your family the chance to enjoy healthy and delicious meals in the comfort of your home.


Let’s say you decide to buy it. We’re talking about a versatile gas oven with the highest performance in the world. What would you need to know to make your pizzas memorable and not just another homemade experiment that cannot compare to the product of pizzerias?


Well, today Alfresco,


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There are 4 basic secrets or tips to consider if you want to make a good pizza:


1.- The dough. This is the main factor. If you think that buying the pre-baked or frozen dough solves everything, then you’re wrong. If you do so you’ll just achieve a dish that doesn’t standout because, although making the dough is the longest step, it’s the one that makes the difference.


Our advice in this regard is to avoid making this step more complicated than it is. Follow an easy recipe and use the exact portions and measurements specified in it. Then, after you do it for the first time, it’ll be easy to do it again.

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2.- Choose the ingredients wisely. We tend to get excited about the ingredients when we make a homemade pizza. We want to put everything we like in it, when that doesn’t make a pizza any better.


Expert pizza artists say that beyond the amount of ingredients you use, the most important factor to make a good pizza is the quality of those ingredients. A good mozzarella cheese, a good tomato sauce and anything else you want to put on it, make sure they are of the best quality.


Another tip you can apply here is to make several pizzas with different ingredients that you or your diners love, instead of making one with everything on it. This will give you the possibility to enjoy the flavors better, instead of losing some of them due to the combination of a complex mix.


3.- Have a good oven. Evidently, not every oven can be used to make a good pizza. That’s why pizzerias have special appliances. And this is where the Pizza Oven Plus by Alfresco shines.


Why? Because this is a high-performance oven that preheats in 15 minutes and can reach extremely high temperatures, allowing you to cook perfect pizzas in just three minutes (see Video of the Pizza Oven Plus by Alfresco).


Also, it’s important to remember that the dough must be at room temperature before baking, otherwise, it’ll burn. On the other hand, don’t forget to bake it until the edges of the pizza are crispy.


4.- Hydrate the dough.  This tip is from chef Jesús Marquina, known as the best pizza maker in the world, who recommends placing a small ceramic jar with water next to the pizza when it’s placed in the oven, to prevent the dough from losing elasticity while cooking.


As you can see, these are simple tips, but their implementation will allow you to impress your guests, because your homemade pizza will have that professional touch that you always wanted to imitate.


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