A refrigerator for recessed installation or an individual one, Liebherr has the solution to his dilemma


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Buying a new refrigerator is certainly an investment that you have to think through, especially if you are facing the dilemma of choosing between one for recessed installation or an individual one. The market currently offers many options, with one door, with two, with freezer drawer, without it, etc. But the first thing you should be clear about are your needs, the use you will give to the appliance, the size of your family and the space you have available for it.

However, let’s focus on the issue of space. The choice between an integrated or recessed installation refrigerator or an individual refrigerator is based on two things:

  1. Space
  2. Kitchen design or style

Today, especially since the open kitchen concept became fashionable, appliances that allow recessed installation are trendy, especially for those who don’t have a lot of counter space. However, they have also become part of a kitchen style where the appliances are part of a harmonious orchestration and the space on or off the counters is intended for other things.

Individual refrigerators are a classic choice. In fact, large families decide to have a large refrigerator and also a beverage center inside or outside of the kitchen. So, many times it’s just a matter of taste.


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Recommendations for integrated and individual models

An important point to consider before choosing a refrigerator is the useful life of the same:  approximately 10 years (and more if you take care of it). Remember that the refrigerator is an appliance that works 24/7 throughout the year, so buying exactly the option that you need is important because this is what can extend its useful life.

Another variable to consider in the search of a new recessed or individual refrigerator, is to measure the space available for it. So, go ahead and measure carefully (even leaving a few extra centimeters) the height, width, and depth of the area that you have reserved for the refrigerator. Oh, and don’t forget that such area must include as well the space for the doors or door to open without inconveniences.

One detail that is usually overlooked when buying a new refrigerator is the size of the main door of our home. So, measure that door very well, being aware that this recommendation applies even if you don’t have an open concept kitchen. Simply put, whether you pick an individual or recessed installation refrigerator, the measuring tape is your best friend to choose the right one at the time of purchase.


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Liebherr has the refrigerator for your home

Leaders when it comes to refrigeration solutions, Liebherr can have the answer to this dilemma at the time to choose a refrigerator. For those who want or prefer an individual refrigerator, the German brand offers the model CS 1400R-IM, which combines refrigerator and freezer and adds NoFrost technology.

This individual model, which has a capacity of 12.8 cubic feet, makes it ideal for a small family or a couple. Why? Because the golden rule in this sense is to calculate 4.5 cubic feet per person.

But this is also a high-tech device (it comes with Super Cool, Super Frost and DuoCooling systems) with maximum energy efficiency, virtually silent compressors with speed control and a low-profile cooling circuit. Besides, this refrigerator features   an automatic ice maker that produces perfect halfmoon-shaped ice cubes and an activated charcoal filter that guarantees pure water is used for the production of the ice.

And for those who prefer the recessed installation option, Liebherr offers the HC 2080, a refrigerator that like the previous one, also includes a freezer and comes with NoFrost. However, this is a larger capacity device (19.5 cubic feet) and although it has all the technology described above -which is the quality signature of this German brand- it has additional advantages such as its telescopic rails  that guarantee easy and convenient handling of its storage trays and more space in the doors.

This refrigerator also has an intuitive electronic control panel. The control panel guarantees that all functions are easy and convenient to use and that the selected settings remain accurate and constant. But what will certainly interest you most about this device is that it has two freezing drawers, which means more space to store your food.

So, the dilemma has been solved. Now, with the measurements your measuring tape provided, go out and get that Liebherr refrigerator your kitchen needs.


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