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Are you thinking about buying a coffee machine? Then, consider one that can be integrated. And what’s that? Let us explain. An integrated coffee machine or a coffee machine that offers recessed installation is an ultra-modern device that -aside from providing any number of options of this beverage- will not occupy too much space in the kitchen since it will be integrated into the decorative style of the kitchen.

Currently, this type of appliance is very common since interior decorators and architects have come to understand that the kitchen as a perfect gearbox where appliances are a key element.

And the brands of appliances have understood, as well as decorators and architects did, that just offering a coffee making machine that provides twenty different preparations is not enough. As a result, the old “coffee machine” has been replaced by a high-tech appliance that must be part of the perfect orchestration we already mentioned.

A coffee shop at home

What is the most evident difference between this type of device and a conventional one? Simple. In a conventional coffee machine, you should measure how strong you want your coffee to be, prepare the milk, let the mixture heat, and many other steps you must follow. But with the ultra-modern coffee machines, the beverage of your dreams, the one prepared at the coffee shop around the corner, is just a click away.

So, the case is that, in fact, these sophisticated coffee machines bring to your home an entire coffee shop with barista included. Therefore, you can have an espresso, a cappuccino or an espresso macchiato, whenever and however you want it (since they also support customization) in the comfort of your kitchen.


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CMS4101S by Smeg, an example of luxury

Known as built-in, recessed or integrated coffee machines, since they become part of the furniture or kitchen, these appliances transform into an element that adds elegance and style. Depending on the brand, each coffee machine has its own style, but the common denominator among them is that the parts that are used the most and worn out are removable, making it easier to wash and clean them.

Also, they have two tanks, one for water and one for coffee. The latter may store coffee beans or ground coffee, depending on the brand and model. When it comes to the milk, in some cases the machine will come with a small dispenser tube so that you can load it when you need it directly from any container, while other models have a third tank or a thermal jar for that purpose.

An example of style and high technology in terms of integrated coffee machines is certainly the CMS4101S coffee machine, from the Aesthetic Line by Smeg.  Equipped with a pressure pump of 15bar, this appliance maximizes the extraction of the flavor of the coffee beans, resulting in a delicious cream that will be poured into your cup with just a click.

This device that will allow you to surprise your guests by preparing a wide variety of professional coffee beverages in your home not only offers -among its many functions- one that allows you to choose the type of coffee (espresso or long), but also the choice of preparing one or 2 cups at the same time.

As if that wasn’t enough, and to make dreams come true, this coffee machine comes with an automatic cappuccino maker that even whisks the milk into a delicate foam and delivers it directly into the cup. But if the technology and the Made in Italy genius of Smeg doesn’t mean anything to you, perhaps, the sophisticated design of this appliance, with contemporary and clean lines that make it merge into any design, will certainly make you fall in love.

So, if you’re about to change your old coffee machine because you’re remodeling your kitchen, choose a built-in coffee machine, and if it’s manufactured by Smeg, even better.


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