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Thermador offers its customers the dream of every cook: a 5-star cooktop. We are talking about the Gas Cooktop 36” Stainless Steel SGSP365TS, a gas cooktop with the traditional star burners that identify the brand, which guarantees uniform cooking with greater precision and safety.


The main attraction of the Gas Cooktop 36” Stainless Steel SGSP365TS is its five burners. Yes, five, because it has a central burner ideal for griddles, large pots or frying pans -a paella pan for example- that would fit perfectly in the center of the cooktop without putting the contents or the cook at risk.



Shines with efficiency


There’s a reason behind the star burners. Certainly, they are an allusion to Thermador‘s logo, but their shape also guarantees better heat distribution, since the tips of the star cover a larger surface of the pan, generating greater uniformity while cooking.


These burners rest on a pedestal system, which gives them a greater height, providing space for a sponge to pass easily between them and the base for easier cleaning and maintenance. The base is deeper, making any liquid or spilled grease remain at the bottom without affecting the rest of the appliance. In addition, its smooth surface makes it very easy to clean.


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The best of both worlds


Why get caught up in the debate about whether a gas cooktop is better than an electric one? Thermador allows you to have the best of both worlds with the Gas Cooktop 36” Stainless Steel SGSP365TS.


All the power and cooking speed of gas burners, but with the control and precision of an electric safety cooktop. Re-ignition technology will automatically ignite the flame, and if there is a draft or liquid spill, the flame is extinguished during cooking. The control handles allow you to regulate the intensity of the flame to the point that you can use refractory utensils directly on the burner to heat something or melt butter or chocolate.


Besides, the on/off is regulated with a push-button system, and the cooktop has a light indicator on the knobs to make sure you don’t forget you’ve left a burner on. So, as we said at the beginning, the Gas Cooktop 36” Stainless Steel SGSP365TS is simply a 5-star cooktop. (Also read 4 Tips to have a kitchen worthy of a chef at home).


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