7 simple tips to care for your Smeg SE395ETB hob and keep it clean


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Having a ceramic hob is a modern blessing, and if you have the model SE395ETB by Smeg, it’s even better. But the truth is that keeping it spotless, just as we purchase it and see it in magazines, is something that concerns many owners.


That’s why today we have decided to share with you some tricks that’ll help you be more concerned about what you are going to cook in it, than how much should you care for your hob. Go get pen and paper.


7 tips and one mission: a shiny hob


Tip #1.-Use a scraper. The scraper is an essential tool when you want to preserve the beauty of a ceramic hob since it helps, with little effort, to remove debris and stains without damaging the hob. In fact,  Smeg  says that proper and consistent use of this tool translates into the need for fewer products to be used to clean the hob.


Tip #2.-Use the right sponges. Never, ever, use a metal sponge on your hob. Use paper towels, soft sponges, eco-friendly regular cleaning cloths, and eco-friendly microfiber cloths to clean the kitchen.


Tip #3.-Only use special cleaning products. There are products specially designed to clean ceramic hobs on the market, but since we’re talking about the model SE395ETB by Smeg, we recommend using the specific product intended by the brand for this purpose: PULICERAM. For optimal preservation, the brand suggests applying it to the device every week and always consulting the user manual included at the time of purchase for additional information.


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Tip #4.-Act right away. This means cleaning up what has been spilled or melted immediately without letting the hob cool down. Why? Because when it cools down, the stain will harden, becoming more difficult for you to clean it.


Tip #5. -Clean the hob after each use.  This is self-explanatory. Don’t allow hours to pass with grease or water staining the hob.


Tip #6. -Vinegar, lemon, and ice. Believe it or not, vinegar, lemon and ice are the best allies of your ceramic hob. A little vinegar dissolved in water and a microfiber cloth will make your plate shine. On the other hand, lemon is the agent that will help you get rid of impossible stains. Just a few drops on the stain, a little help from your scraper and you’re done. And ice can do what lemon can’t. Rubbing an ice cube for a minute on the stain will help you make progress to then finish the work with the scraper; that’ll be enough to eliminate the stain.


Tip #7.-Use suitable pots and pans. The only trick to avoid scratches on the ceramic hob is to use pots and pans specially intended for it. These pieces are obviously more expensive, but they will give years of beauty to your hob.


So don’t worry. Having a hob like the model SE395ETB by Smeg represents having a great ally in the kitchen, whose maintenance will no longer cause you any headaches, because we just gave you the tricks that’ll help you care for your appliance so it can look beautiful.


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