5 Minuti, Alfa Forni’s compact oven to make restaurant-worthy pizzas at home


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Pizzas make our lives easier, don’t they? However, there’s a myth that a homemade pizza won’t have the special touch of the ones we eat in pizzerias. And yes, we say this is a “myth” because thanks to Alfa Forni this is a thing of the past.


In the book “Haute cuisine pizza” [La pizza de alta cocina] by Jesús Marquina, the 5 times world champion chef in the elaboration of this Italian dish, says that the secret of a crispy pizza is the high temperatures of the oven where it’s made. The chef assures that in a conventional oven -whose maximum temperature is 290 degrees- this dish is ready in only 7 minutes, placing the pizza at the base of the appliance (that is the farthest area from the door).


However, thanks to Alfa Forni’s 5 Minuti wood-fired oven, you’ll be able to improve the mark set by Chef Marquina and offer your guests 2 crispy, restaurant-quality pizzas in just 90 minutes. How is this possible? Read on.


Where does the name come from?

When we talk about a professional pizza oven, you’re probably thinking about the huge appliance that you’ve seen many times in restaurants, followed by the thought: “I could never have something like that at home,” which isn’t entirely true.


Why do we say this? Simple. Although you cannot have a professional oven like the ones found in pizzerias in your home, the truth is that you don’t need it either. Alfa Forni has developed the necessary technology that’ll allow you to have an appliance with the power of a professional one, with avant-garde design, and in a small space.


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Also, don’t be fooled by the compact size of 5 Minuti. This oven is perfect for balconies, gardens, and terraces, it comes with built-in wheels for easy transportation, and has a sober design with clean lines.


Equipped with a refractory floor and stainless steel dome, this Alfa Forni oven can raise its temperature up to 500°C (1000°F) in only 5 minutes. This will be a plus when preparing several dishes.


And we haven’t told you the best part. With the 5 Minuti model, you’ll have a wood-fired oven at home that’ll give your dishes that delicious smoky flavor that your guests love so much.


In addition, this oven is easy to move (it weighs only 29 kg) and assemble, which makes it the pizza oven of your dreams. Just place it where you want it, insert the chimney, and start cooking! Besides, this is an appliance that you can use indoors and outdoors because it’s made with premium materials to withstand the elements.


What else can we tell you? Oh yes, on Alfa Forni’s website you’ll find not only a complete installation tutorial but also simple recipes that you can make on this oven that will become the best ally for your family gatherings.


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