3 Tips to get the most out of your microwave oven



Thermador microwaves

The microwave was one of the best inventions of the 20th century in terms of household appliances. It’s certainly the best ally in the kitchen for those who have a busy lifestyle and don’t want to neglect their nutritional habits.


Its commercialization brought with it a whole line of products to cook in the microwave to take full advantage of it. However, its maintenance and operation are taken for granted and we frequently make mistakes when we use the microwave.


So, the following are some tips to optimize the use of such important equipment in the kitchen.



Heat in a column


If your kitchen is in the design or redecoration stage, consider placing your microwave oven in a column next to the convection and auxiliary ovens. Aesthetically, it will form a cohesive, centralized tower, especially if all the components are related.


In terms of aesthetics, our recommendation is to choose microwaves that combine stainless steel with glass panels. This will result in a harmonious ensemble that will add an elegant and modern flare to the kitchen.



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A good connection


Regarding the location of this appliance, the microwave should be placed on a flat surface, in a place where the ventilation grilles are exposed. If you install it in a drawer or cabinet, paying attention to ventilation is essential.


Another important safety precaution is to avoid using extension cords and plugging the appliance directly into the wall outlet, use a voltage regulator if possible. Always avoid exposing this appliance to contact with wet surfaces or placing it near the refrigerator or dishwasher.



Use the proper containers


With the massification of microwaves also arrived special containers to be used with them. They are becoming more common in the market and their use is not only a physical but also a food safety issue.


In this sense, it is recommended that food only be heated in special microwave containers, even better if they are made of refractory glass. This will avoid the emission of harmful waves for the organism that can generate intoxications and alter the taste and smell, not only of the heated food but also of everything that is stored in the kitchen for a long time.


Metals (cutlery or trays), aluminum foil, or small aluminum trays that are disposable should be completely avoided, as they can cause explosions and fires. Even dinnerware with metallic edges or decorations poses the same risk.


When it comes to cleaning the microwave, it is recommended to clean it daily or after each use, using a soft sponge with non-abrasive soap, and then dry it with kitchen paper towels. Also, it is advisable to heat food in covered containers -but not airtight containers- and once a week, place a container with water and vinegar to heat in the microwave for a few minutes to eliminate residual odors.


Proper microwave care will make your life much easier by ensuring that the taste and quality of your food are maintained.


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