WS 17800: Liebherr’s home-based wine cabinet for wine lovers


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The WS 17800 wine cabinet by Liebherr is proof that wine lovers can have a real wine cellar at home. The leading German brand in refrigeration has transformed this appliance into a dream come true by adding special features and state-of-the-art technology that allow the perfect preservation of wine at home.


Those who know about wine understand that these are delicate jewels whose preservation depends on many factors. Moisture, bottle position, lighting, and movement are some of the aspects that can cause a bottle to lose its properties.


That is why those who enjoy this beverage, invest without hesitation in wine cabinets that truly guarantee on the one hand, to age a wine in optimal conditions, and on the other hand, to always have it in the right condition for tasting.



Multiple temperatures, one wine cabinet

One of the great attractions, or rather, features offered by the WS 17800 wine cabinet by Liebherr is the fact that it has up to three independently controlled temperature zones. In these zones, you can store red wine (upper zone), white wine (intermediate) and even champagne (lower) at their optimum temperature, since they also have flexible compartments, which means that they can be adapted to any wine collection.


Also, the shelves where the bottles rest are made of solid beechwood and have telescopic rails for easy access to the wine. This means that these shelves perform both storage and bottle presentation functions.


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Information for wine collectors

Wine collectors need appliances with special conditions that, as we said before, guarantee that their precious bottles preserve their properties for a long time. As a result, this particular target would be interested to know that the WS 17800 wine cabinet by Liebherr provides an ideal climate environment for long-term wine storage.


This appliance equipped with FreshAir technology, assures you that environmental odors won’t affect stored wines regardless of where you locate the cabinet in your home. This system ensures that the equipment will have perfect air quality thanks to its easily replaceable activated charcoal filter.



A quiet and versatile wine cabinet

In the past, when someone decided to buy a wine cabinet, they had to choose between a silent thermoelectric device, but without much room for storing different types of wine, or a piece of equipment with noisy compressors, but with different temperature zones for diverse storage.


Fortunately, you don’t have to choose anymore. The WS 17800 wine cabinet has reduced noise to a minimum with virtually silent speed-controlled compressors and a low-nose cooling circuit. This means you can have a SuperQuiet operating wine cabinet at home that guarantees accurate performance, energy efficiency and, as we said, the possibility to have a versatile wine cabinet.



Perfect humidity

Another important aspect considered in the WS 17800 wine cabinet by Liebherr is the importance of maintaining proper moisture. This is a very sensitive issue when it comes to wine storage.


It is the humidity that keeps corks flexible and prevents them from drying out, which is why wine should not only be stored horizontally but also in an environment with a specific humidity percentage.


With more than 50% air humidity, this home wine cabinet guarantees perfect conditions for your wines. Besides, the appliance allows you to control humidity in the storage cabinets by pressing the ventilation button.


As you can see, with the WS 17800 wine cabinet by Liebherr you won’t have anything to worry about, because it’s the cabinet you’ve always dreamed of having at home.


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