Why is the Bosch PPQ7A6B90 the perfect gas hob?


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The idea that perfection doesn’t exist is a lie that we have validated for years. Well, we know that perfection exists because the gas hob PPQ7A6B90 by Bosch is proof of this.

Why do we dare to say this with certainty? Well, because this is the hob that takes the art of cooking with gas, and all its culinary tradition, to a new level.


Once again, Bosch creates a reinterpretation of what we already know through one of its appliances thanks to the introduction of state-of-the-art technology into the modern kitchen. In the case of the PPQ7A6B90 gas hob, the German brand incorporates into its long list of innovations, manufacturing a hob in black tempered glass -which makes it look like an induction cooktop- with the FlameSelect system that takes the use of gas above and beyond.


Why? Keep reading.



Flames under control

Bosch wasn’t satisfied giving a new look to its gas hobs. No, that wasn’t enough. Gas, and its enthusiasts in the kitchen, needed recognition for their perseverance, so the brand created the FlameSelect system, which allows you to obtain perfect cooking results thanks to nine levels of power at your disposal.


With FlameSelect, Bosch grants the power of the flame or fire like Prometheus and puts it in your kitchen so you can adjust it exactly as you please. As a result, both sauces and long-term cooking will be perfect, since you’ll be able to have the low and continuous flame you need.


An environmentally friendly hob

La Cuisine International

This hob has 5 burners. One high-speed, one economical, 2 regular, and the DualWok burner, which have solid semi-continuous cast iron supports (with rubber feet) to offer both high stability to pans and pots and easy cleaning after use.


And as if all of the above wasn’t enough, the PPQ7A6B90 hob is one of the many sustainable solutions manufactured by Bosch. This appliance offers the possibility of being powered with biomethane, a type of renewable gas that’ll turn your kitchen into a more environmentally friendly space.



Beautiful, safe, and with flush installation

Other features that’ll help you understand the idea of perfection when we talk about this gas hob are the fact that it can fit perfectly into any design, it’s safe, and allows flush or surface mounted installation.


As we said above, this is no ordinary gas hob. The feature that stands out the most about it is the black tempered glass base, which adds a modern and innovative flair to the traditional gas hob. This detail that seems tiny is an attribute adored by interior designers and those who prefer an open kitchen with a central island, as it allows this hob to take centerstage wherever is installed.


La Cuisine International


Then comes the attribute of safety. While some consider this to be a big issue when they are considering installing a gas hob in their homes, Bosch has added a flame failure safety device to the model PPQ7A6B90, which prevents unwanted gas flow when the flame goes out.


And the cherry on top of the cake? Well, the possibility to install it flush or slightly raised on the countertop, which makes it a versatile hob that adapts to what you have dreamed for your kitchen.


Can you ask for more?  Sure!  You can wish to have it at home so that you can confirm that perfection does exist, at least as far as gas hobs are concerned. (Read also The charm of gas cooktops, how to choose the right one).


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