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Since before the pandemic, rustic-style kitchens have become a trend. There are many reasons behind it, but everything points to the feeling of warmth provided by the elements that are combined in it.


The rustic style involves the use of natural materials such as wood and stone, combined with modern solutions such as stainless-steel appliances and iron or aluminum parts. This mixture of country flair with contemporary touches is what has made this decoration style in the kitchen the favorite of large family groups and young couples.


The timeless aspect of this style is certainly another detail that interior designers focus on. However, each rustic style kitchen has its personality, and to create your own you only have to consider a few variables that we explain below.


4 tips to create your rustic style


Just because it’s rustic doesn’t mean it’s ordinary or simple. This style takes advantage of natural and familiar memories to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. So, grab pen and paper (or the Tablet) and write down our tips.


  1. Wood, lots of wood.

On floors, countertops, and even islands, wood is the center of this design style. Just don’t overdo it because the space will look overloaded and out of style. Remember that you want to create a cozy atmosphere, not recreate a lumberjack’s kitchen.


This means that if you opt for wood floors and countertops, you should choose cabinets in contrasting colors or, if you don’t dare to do it, then stay on the safe side: use white. This color combined with wood will allow you to create a bright space.


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  1. Retro appliances and elements.

If you don’t want a regular kitchen, this is a wonderful option. The aesthetics of the 50’s Retro line by SMEG will be the perfect ally in this regard. You also don’t want to saturate the kitchen with appliances.


Having a refrigerator, toaster, or oven in this style and some details of the decade of your preference will be enough to add that unique rustic-retro touch to your kitchen. (see SMEG adds a retro touch to the kitchen).


  1. Matching faucets and dishwashers.

A butler-style dishwasher or a Belfast sink is ideal in this case. But here’s a tip: the Farm House line by Franke has what you need.


Deep white sinks, made of modern and easy-to-maintain materials, along with solid brass, antiqued bronze-colored faucets, are pieces that will fit perfectly into the style you want to create in your kitchen.


  1. Open shelves and polished cement countertops.

Open shelves and polished cement countertops and floors are the magical touches to create a timeless rustic kitchen. Why? Because even if you love organization, cleanliness, and minimalism, you will achieve a warm kitchen of this style where everything you like so much is present.


Concrete, polished cement, and concrete countertops have gained popularity thanks to the introduction made by some architects and designers of the rustic and industrial style in today’s kitchen. Easy to clean and with a timeless appearance, nowadays these can also be colorful with matte, glossy, or very bright finishes.


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As for the cabinets or open storage places, they are very beautiful and give a country flair to the kitchens, but they imply a lot of order. Now, if you have no problem with this, it will be a way to optimize time in the kitchen, because everything will be in sight.


So, we hope that these tips will encourage you to bring this trend to your kitchen, adding the personality and a unique touch of the rustic style.


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