The workstation IWS5 by The Galley or the reinterpretation of the sink


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Today, when the kitchen is the star of the house, a piece like the sink has acquired a role that only The Galley and its functional IWS5 workstation has been able to reinterpret. And when it comes to the open kitchen concept, all actors -aside from  having functional roles- must pass the casting of design and style, which means that they have to be beautiful as well.


Thus, The Galley has found in the sink a space that can take centerstage in the home.  Why? Because their workstations -ready to prepare, serve, entertain, and clean- have become an invaluable ally for any kind of home gathering to be transformed into a real show.


And because every sink today is unique and provides more or less space depending on the model, The Galley offers a solution for everyone: whether it’s an indoor or outdoor kitchen. In this sense, the company has several workstation models, in 6 lengths and with single and double bowl configurations (see also The Galley: effortless kitchen stations).



A bestseller in the kitchen

The IWS5 is the best-selling station of the brand. Available, as we said above, with both single and double bowl sinks, this station offers unique functionality that fits perfectly into any kitchen size.


The IWS5 is a kitchen station for 1-2 people and is elegantly equipped with a 7-piece double-tier culinary kit that can be ordered in both natural golden bamboo, graphite wood composite, exclusive grey resin, or even in white resin finish. At this point you must be wondering: what makes this model so special to be a bestseller? We explain it bellow.


La Cuisine International


One of the most important aspects are the resistant and high-quality materials used in its manufacture. So, you have marine grade 316L stainless-steel with TrueEdge design, manufactured in one piece. And finally, top-notch finishes and the fact that are handmade, as we said, explain our claim.


The interior dimensions of this model are 17″ (432 mm) x 56″ (1422 mm) and is generally a piece that measures 19 1/2″ (495 mm) x 57 1/2″ (1461 mm). Versatile in design, it has two tiers that’ll make it easier for you to handle other culinary tools (serving bowls, waste spaces, etc.), as they slide one on top of the other.


Its raised cover hides the drain and, at the same time, allows water to flow freely. Simply put, thanks to this organization system you can have everything handy, which will save you time in the kitchen because you’ll have the possibility to keep everything in order, clean and in the same place.


Also, the brand allows you to customize each station with additional accessories. Cutting boards, drying racks and colanders are just a few of the items you can add to your IWS5 to truly match your needs. And all in excellent and durable materials.


So, if your indoor or outdoor kitchen is the center of family gatherings, let your sink be the protagonist of the scene with the reinterpretation that The Galley IWS5 has made of it.


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