The discreet charm of the extractor hood Heaven Glass 2.0 by Faber


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The discreet charm of built-in extractor hoods such as the model Heaven Glass 2.0 by Faber is a blessing. Why? Because having an extractor hood that interrupts the harmony of the kitchen is as scary as having unpleasant odors in it.

Luckily, those large devices that our grandmothers had in their kitchens to eliminate the residual smells of their meals are a thing of the past. And the best part is that today you don’t have to choose between having an extractor and a , because Faber combined the best of both worlds to offer a beautiful, and above all, very efficient equipment.  What does this mean? We’ll explain bellow.

Kitchen extractor hoods work based on two different principles: extraction and recirculation. The former, when activated, suctions and filters air to later direct it through a duct outside. The latter, on the other hand, doesn’t evacuate the air outside, it just absorbs it and cleans it. This action is performed by passing the “dirty” air through an anti-grease filter, and then through an activated carbon filter that absorbs odors, to finally return this air back to the kitchen.



A discreet, quiet, and state-of-the-art extractor hood

As we already mentioned, now you don’t have to choose between design and functionality. Built-in extractors come with innovative systems that make them highly efficient, quiet, and beautiful. The three magical features you certainly want in your kitchen.

The best example of what we are talking about is definitely the extractor hood Heaven Glass 2.0 by Faber. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this is the most requested model from the brand.

Its discreet and elegant design fits perfectly into any kitchen style. It has a white glass exterior with 2 LED light strips located at each end of the hood.

Its powerful brushless motor guarantees significant energy savings (A-rated) without altering the high efficiency of its suction. Also, this extractor hood has the quietest engine on the market (72 dBA) and its performance is stable in all operating conditions. Clearly, the perimeter extraction of this appliance contributes greatly to reducing the noise sensation, which is only perceived by 25%.


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As if that wasn’t enough, the extractor hood Heaven Glass 2.0 by Faber  is a smart appliance. It comes with different operation levels and programs that can be managed from a remote control (see operation). Among the programs that you might be interested to know about this device are:


  • Delayed shutdown: Stops the motor when residual odors have been removed.
  • Filter Maintenance Indicator: Alerts when to clean the grease filter or replace the odor filter.
  • Touch 24 System: Keeps the hood on 24 hours a day to allow continuous air exchange with an imperceptible noise level.
  • Programmed Intensive Suction: Activates maximum suction for 6 minutes to meet specific cooking needs.


Expert advice

To help each user take full advantage of its appliance, Faber has put together a list of 4 tips that will also help you save energy.


  • When you start cooking, operate the extractor at minimal speed to control humidity and eliminate kitchen odors.
  • Use intensive speed only when strictly necessary.
  • Increase the speed of the extractor hood only when required by the amount of steam.
  • Keep extractor filters clean to optimize anti-grease and anti-odor efficiency.

So, if you were thinking about changing your kitchen extractor hood, this is a great option. Keep it in mind.










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