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We’ve said before that SMEG  is the trendy brand that designers and celebrities love (see 4 reasons that make SMEG the brand of designers). Among the many reasons to justify this statement is the fact that this Italian company has in its portfolio a line that can add a touch of retro style to the heart of the house, aside from bringing the latest technology to the kitchen.


Indeed, no one doubts that SMEG’s Retro-style line fills every kitchen with distinctive touches. Vivid colors, metallic details, and rounded lines -signature elements of this series- are the reason why these appliances have become the key pieces in the creation of designer kitchens.


However, if you have to choose just one out of the wide range of appliance options offered by the Retro line, the one that will certainly be at the top of the list is none other than the refrigerator  . Why? Keep reading.



A star in the kitchen

This SMEG refrigerator is an excellent purchase if you are looking to place in your kitchen a vintage element that suits any aesthetic. That is, if you have a minimalist kitchen and add a FAB28 in red to that scene, you’ll be putting a bold touch in this space through an appliance that will steal the show.


In sum,  having a refrigerator like this means that you’ll have in your home a star with the glamour of the 50s, making the difference and turning your kitchen into a unique space.


The FAB28 is the ideal refrigerator for a couple or a small family as it’s medium-sized. The rule to know if a refrigerator is perfect for the number of members of a household is to calculate 4.5 cubic feet per person. Therefore, this 9 cubic foot appliance should be complemented with either a freezer or another undercounter refrigerator if you have a family of 4.


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Vintage, modern and efficient

To say that a refrigerator with the vintage look of the FAB28 is a modern, energy-efficient refrigerator might seem like a paradox. But it’s not.


While this retro 1950’s style refrigerator with a chrome-plated metal handle may resemble the one in your grandmother’s house, we remind you that looks can be deceiving. Behind the shell is a piece of equipment with 21st-century cooling technology.


One of its strong points is that it is an A++ energy-efficient appliance (139 kWh/year) which translates into low electricity consumption. And it’s also a high-quality appliance with Energy Star and ISO14001 Certifications, which added to its low noise level: 38 dB (A), make it a perfect piece.


The interior design in terms of food distribution is very complete. It has 3 adjustable glass shelves, a chromed bottle rack and 2 drawers (Life plus) to keep fruit and vegetables at the right temperature. The door also offers space of different heights to have everything well organized.


The freezer compartment -which comes with two plastic cups- has enough power, not only to store food but also to freeze it.


And although it is a medium-size vintage appliance, the Smeg FAB28 refrigerator can preserve all kinds of food and beverages since it has the power of the largest refrigerators. This appliance also has a screw thermostat to regulate its temperature levels and LED interior lighting.


So, have you already decided to add a touch of retro madness to your kitchen? You won’t regret it.


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