SHPM65Z52N: the quiet dishwasher by Bosch that really dries the dishes


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The fact that Bosch has a dishwasher that aside from being quiet, really dries the dishes, is certainly great news for those who hate the stains of water on glasses and silverware. We know that this is by far your favorite appliance since it’s the little box that frees you from the tedious chore of washing the dishes.


But we have to warn you, the dishwasher model SHPM65Z52N from the 500 series by Bosch is something else. This device that has been designed following the highest quality standards, includes among its attractive features 3 interesting innovations you’ll love.


The first one is the AutoAir™ option, which automatically opens the door at the end of the washing cycle to allow fresh air circulation, so you obtain drier dishes. The second feature is the Disinfect option (HygienePlus) for deep and hygienic cleaning in every wash cycle, and the third one is the RackMatic® adjustable upper rack that easily adjusts to 9 different positions to fit items of all sizes so you can gain space.


That is, this dishwasher was designed to free you from the daily burden of modern life. And we’ll tell you even more about it.


Illuminating the silence

Bosch can brag about how quiet its dishwashers are. In fact, you can program it before going to bed without worrying about it.


The German brand has a system with 18 ways to reduce noise including multiple layers of insulation, food filtration without grinding, an EcoSilence™ motor system and a base that absorbs sounds. But believe it or not, having such a quiet appliance can be a problem because you can open the door in the middle of the washing cycle.


That’s why Bosch included the InfoLight® system in its dishwasher model SHPM65Z52N. This security system illuminates the floor with a red light while the dishwasher is in use, to prevent you from accidentally opening the door.


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A stylish dishwasher

But since everything isn’t about technology, Bosch has added a few sophisticated touches to this equipment. The dishwashers from the 500 series have the controls on top of the door to give a sleek look to the appliance, so it fits perfectly into any kitchen style.


Also, the brand allows you to choose between colors (white, black, and steel) and two styles of handles: a bar handle for a more traditional look and a recessed “pocket” handle, included in the model SHPM65Z52N, for a modern look. Another fact that you’ll be interested to know, especially if you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, is that this model also allows recessed installation like all the dishwashers from the 500 series.


About space and washing cycles

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One of the things that we are most interested to know when it comes to buying a dishwasher is the space and washing options it offers. Regarding the first aspect, we can tell you that you’ll find an ally with plenty of space in the model SHPM65Z52N.


The appliance comes with three solid racks that slide smoothly as they extend. The third rack (which Bosch calls 3D) is amazing since you can load both deep items and cutlery.


Besides, the flexibility of the RackMatic® adjustable top rack adds 30% more loading area. And if you add to the above that if you expand the wings of the 3rd rack you’ll get a more versatile space for pots and pans, then we’re talking about the dishwasher of your dreams, especially when you have guests at home.


In terms of washing, this dishwasher offers you 5 washing cycles and 5 options of speed, temperature, cleaning, and loading. In addition, as we mentioned before, the appliance comes with an innovative extra drying option for best results, plus a load size sensor that automatically sets the washing temperature and disinfection option that removes bacteria from your dinnerware and cutlery.


So, whether you’re renovating the kitchen or just replacing your old dishwasher and looking for one that offers a good price/value ratio and high reliability, you just found the right one in this quiet and efficient appliance by Bosch. (read also Dishwasher maintenance in 4 steps)


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