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Let’s see, who wouldn’t like to be able to make at home pizzas like the ones you order from a restaurant? Everyone, right? Well, we have some news that will cheer you up. This is possible because the market offers options that can be adapted to the size of your family, the use you give to it and your personal preference regarding the use of gas, electricity or even firewood.

Now, let’s review those options. The first on the list are certainly the mini electric ovens. These were the first devices to make homemade pizza available on the market. There are all kinds of electric ovens, but the most popular are the spherical ones made of aluminum that can exclusively cook round pizzas in refractory stones thanks to two connected resistors and thermostat. Being lightweight, they are easy to move and place anywhere, but they have a problem: you can only make one pizza at a time and although it may look great, it doesn’t have the consistency of a pizza made in a restaurant.

The second type are the semi-professional electric ovens. They are usually very deep with small cooking chambers, because they are specifically designed to cook pizzas. These appliances made of a refractory material can reach a temperature of 450oC. The inconvenience about this type of equipment is that they aren’t particularly good to cook other dishes, so they aren’t practical.

Wood-fired ovens are the golden dream of every pizza lover. Compact and perfect to be placed in the garden or terrace, they have only one disadvantage: the preheating time necessary to reach the right temperature. And you may think “pizzerias don’t seem to have that problem.” And that’s true, they don’t have it because the oven works for long hours, so it still maintains a temperature of about 200oC even when it’s off.


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Now, gas ovens are the perfect solution for those who want to make pizzas at home and achieve the flavor worthy of a restaurant. Why? Because  they work with burners that reproduce the heat of the fire generated by the combustion of firewood. In fact, even the experts will tell you that it’s difficult to distinguish a pizza cooked in a gas oven from one cooked in an oven with firewood.

However, there’s something particularly important to consider: not all gas ovens have the ability to reach the temperature necessary for a pizza to have the ideal balance between a thin and crunchy base and a handcrafted crust. In this sense, the Pizza Oven Plus from Alfresco is at the top of the game since it brings a real professional oven to your home.

Designed to be the most versatile gas oven with the highest performance in the market, this equipment will allow you to be the envy of your friends and neighbors because you’ll cook pizzas at the speed of a restaurant (3 minutes). How’s that possible? Simple. The structure and materials used in its manufacture make it a high performance appliance, which only takes 15 minutes to preheat, and can reach high temperatures that will allow you to bake, roast and even sauté in a frying pan without inconveniences.

Its fireplace-like appearance allows it to absorb and accelerate the preheating time as it distributes heat to its high-quality ceramic ceiling slab (with a thickness of 3/4″). This oven is also fully made and welded in heli-arc autogenous stainless-steel, which brings to your home a safe equipment to use.

Its glass doors with stainless-steel frame and halogen lights inside, let you appreciate the progress of the food you are cooking. A substantial advantage of  the Pizza Oven Plus by Alfresco is the fact that it offers you 456 square inches of space to cook with a high-tech infrared ceramic burner, which means you can perfectly make multiple pizzas (or dishes) simultaneously.

Available in LP or natural gas, the exclusive natural air-cooling plenum system of Alfresco keeps the control panel cool to the touch, so you can control it without risk of burns. As if that wasn’t enough, this is an appliance that can well be placed on the countertop of your outdoor kitchen or you can choose a recessed installation. In any case, this will be the perfect companion of your grill and will turn your garden into the most visited and popular area of your home.


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