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Pitt Cooking couldn’t have had a better idea than to name the most popular of its handmade hob systems Elbrus. Why do we say this? Because Elbrus is the name of a volcano that has inspired many legends. The main one claims that Zeus left Prometheus on this mountain as punishment for the sin of bringing fire to mortals, which also highlights the charm of these burners.

Perfect to be placed on any type of surface, the Elbrus hob by Pitt Cooking offers another level of hobs to the interior designer and the end customer, as well. This is due to the independent burner concept that greatly improves the traditional gas hob and adds personality to the design of the conventional stove. 

The Fire of Prometheus in the Kitchen

Pitt Cooking knows well how gas flames can bedazzle those who like to cook. That’s why these premium gas hob specialists created this new concept of independent burners with sturdy cast-iron support that are not only absolutely safe, but also KIWA GASTEC, certified, which means that you can install them on your countertop without inconveniences.

The fires of the Elbrus by Pitt Cooking can become a very creative way to shape your cooking vision: classic, rural, contemporary, minimalist, or industrial. Why? Because its special installation technique is patented, guaranteeing that the heat emitted by these devices will be minimal, ensuring your countertop and your family will have a safe gas hob.


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These burners handmade in the Netherlands also offer the possibility to cook however you like. Offered in different sizes (small, medium and even double) and with the possibility of being integrated into different types of countertops (made of quartz, natural granite, marble, micro-concrete, porcelain, glass or stainless-steel), these burners will allow you to use large pots simultaneously since you’ll have enough space for them.

In fact, the latter is one of Pitt’s many strengths. Unlike traditional gas hobs, Pitt Cooking appliances have an average of eight centimeters of additional space between burners. This means that you’ll be able to dust off that wonderful Wok that you bought and haven’t been able to use because your conventional kitchen doesn’t allow it.

Fully adapted to your taste

Since the brand also understands that every home and kitchen is its own world, Pitt Cooking hob models are fully customizable. This means that you’ll be able to choose between having an Elbrus hob with front controls or on the countertop, and even the possibility to choose between different versions of burners offered by the brand: original edition (brass and cast-iron), professional (brass finish) or in black finish (cast-iron in black finish).

The Elbrus hob has 5 burners: 2 of 2 kW of power, 2 of 3 kW and one of 1 of between 0.2 and 5 kW.  This cooking module, with automatic spark ignition and flame protection control, is 503mm long, 853mm wide and 89mm high (1913/19″ x 339/16″ x 31/2″).

The appliance also comes with a wok ring, which has a special design that guarantees optimal flame distribution without heat loss.

And as if Pitt Cooking wasn’t able to fulfill your dream of having a unique kitchen, we have news for you: this hob is super easy to clean. You’ll be able to disassemble the burners and remove any residue after cooking. Certainly, you couldn’t ask for more… or maybe you can if you have someone else cook for you, but that’s on the brand.


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