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A new cultural complex combines past and future in Shenzen Bay. This is the project that the studio MAD Architects has unveiled for the development of the new Cultural Park in one of the most vibrant cities in China that exhibits the largest architectural investments.

The main idea behind it is to provide the city with a link between its urban center and the bay. How? Through an impressive green complex where all the roads of the city end up converging and at the same time, lead pedestrians to enjoy the calm of the Shenzen Sea.

Shenzen Bay Culture Park will offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy Chinese artistic and folk demonstrations. Besides, this cultural complex will introduce visitors to an environment of modernism and ecological technology that will make you feel in an alien city.

Stone pavilions

MAD Architects envisioned the design of a work that combines urban landscaping with ecological architecture. The same will have an area of 51,000 square meters and a total construction area of 182,000 square meters.

The work will be concentrated in two pavilions (north and south) where several white stone buildings of rounded shapes and uneven sizes will combine, with the objective to provide the illusion of being embedded in the ground.


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Although the exterior design resembles huge and smooth stones, inside each building will have different levels, terraces, ramps and even lakes to promote the interaction between the enclosed spaces and the outside. The idea is to provide a three-dimensional experience in a surreal environment, which takes advantage of natural lighting through skylights, terraces, and clear panels.

The pavilions will house the Creative Design Hall Museum and the Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum. Also, the center will have a bay viewing platform at 30 meters high on the cusp of the south pavilion, outdoor exhibition areas, art galleries, a library, auditorium, theater, cafes, and supporting businesses.

In the center of both pavilions, visitors to the park will enjoy a mirrored pool with a floating stage for presentations and concerts. These can be enjoyed from the green seats with capacity for more than 10,000 spectators.

The Silicon Valley of the East

 Shenzhen Bay Culture Park is one of 10 high-level projects being developed in a thriving city, known as the “Chinese Silicon Valley.” Many technology companies have already established themselves in central Shenzhen such as Huawei, Alibaba Cloud and Tenzen, turning the city into an impressive financial center full of skyscrapers that demands the most advanced urban developments.

This is precisely why this project is so important: it aims to return the green aspect to the city and provide a harmonious space where its residents can reconcile with the enjoyment of nature and open spaces.


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