Long live the SF6102TVS oven by SMEG! (or tips to extend its useful life)


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It doesn’t matter if you have a sophisticated oven or even if you have at home an oven like the  SF6102TVS  from the Linea series by SMEG. All appliances have a useful life that can be shortened or prolonged depending on the care given to  them.

However, not all ovens are like the SF6102TVS. This device, characterized by its durability, as it’s manufactured under the philosophy of  SMEG, is easy to maintain thanks to its self-cleaning function (steam) that facilitates prolonging its useful life.

However, we will share with you a few secrets that’ll not only help you optimize the life of this appliance from our catalog, but also the life of any oven you have at home.


5 Tips to extend the life of your oven


Tip No. 1. Taking care of the outside

The SF6102TVS oven from the Linea series by SMEG is a bet on minimalism and austerity. A combination of stainless-steel controls knobs and handles with Stopsol “Supersilver” glass, turn this equipment into a luxury appliance and an element of design and good taste in the kitchen.

How do you take care of its aesthetic charm? Not allowing grease and dust to accumulate on the outside which would negatively affect the beauty of its finish. You can easily do this by cleaning the surface of the oven with a damp cloth or sponge with a bit of soap and then drying it.


Tip No. 2. Repeat on the inside (internal care)

As we said, this is an easy-to-maintain oven. This appliance that comes with 20 programs includes the Vapor Clean system, an option that’ll save you many headaches. However, this doesn’t happen by itself.


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The first suggestion is to activate this option after each use. After the steam cleaning process is over, remove the grease residue with a damp cloth.

Trays and oven racks must also be included in the cleaning process of the interior of the oven. If they require washing, use products specifically designed for that purpose. Also, don’t forget to clean the lamp, rubbers, and other accessories.


Tip No. 3. Buy containers especially designed for baking

This is especially important. We know that silicone molds or sheets are trendy among those who love baking, but they can damage the moisture sensors of the oven. Therefore, prefer refractory baking dishes (dark ones or those with black enamel are ideal), since they preserve heat more efficiently.


Tip No. 4. Close instead of open

It’s almost an unspoken rule to leave the oven door open once you finish using it, so it to cools down faster. However, it’s best to leave the door closed, as sudden changes in the oven temperature can damage the rubber parts and even your kitchen furniture.


Tip No. 5. Save energy

One tip that many manufacturers give to save energy is to always turn off the oven five minutes before the end of the time scheduled to take advantage of the residual heat to finish cooking. They also suggest avoiding putting frozen food in the appliance.

Luckily, these are recommendations that don’t apply when it comes to SMEG’s SF6102TVS oven. Why? Simple, because this oven comes with the ECO-logic system that limits total energy consumption by the average value (3.0 kW) installed in homes, allowing you use other appliances to simultaneously without affecting your electricity bill. And as if that wasn’t enough, this device includes among its 20 programs the option to thaw by time or weight, which are a blessing especially when you are in a hurry and the guests are arriving early.

In sum, we just gave you the secrets of the eternal youth for your oven, so put these tips in practice and enjoy an appliance that can be the best friend of your kitchen and the ideal ally of your meals for a long time.


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