Lithos, the extractor hood by Faber that every designer kitchen wants


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The kitchen extractor hood Lithos by Faber is neither cubic nor an “inverted T” or a conventional extractor hood. Lithos is perhaps one of Faber’s great achievements when it comes to design.


Extremely versatile, and with the perfect size (45 cm wide), this appliance adapts to any kitchen style. But it’s not because of its size or design. This is due to the combination of the above two features with a variety of bright colors that the brand offers, ranging from classic black and white to shades such as Corian white and creamy yellow that create a beautiful contrast with the stainless steel of its flue.


And you’re not mistaken if you think “well, this is a decorative extractor hood.” Because if something distinguishes Lithos is the careful finish of its structure of smoothed corners, with a straight and harmonious appearance, which can certainly tell you about an appliance with a high aesthetic level. But you would be mistaken if you think is that since this is a “beautiful” appliance, it’s less functional or doesn’t have interesting technological details.


Beautiful and smart

This decorative extractor hood for recessed installation by Faber will not only adapt to the aesthetic needs of your kitchen but also become the perfect ally of your cooktop.


Equipped with telescopic construction elements that slide vertically, this device can extend the vertical size of its body to concentrate its extraction work on the cooktop. This is the reason why this cubist-style extractor hood stands out in the catalog of the brand, due to its advanced technology and high performance in terms of the evacuation of polluted air.


This intuitive operation appliance has a control panel located at the front. The panel has 5 buttons with LED, where you can choose the type of operation of the hood by selecting any of its 4 speeds or activate the lighting system.


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Quiet, easy to clean, and efficient

Describing the Lithos extractor hood in one sentence is simple. It’s an extractor hood with a smart and quiet high precision perimeter air absorption system. And although it seems that this sentence sums up all its virtues, the truth is that much more can be said about it.


An interesting fact about this extractor hood is its quiet operation. This appliance has an absorbed air diffusion system that not only ensures exceptional extraction performance but also operates with low noise.


This is a fairly quiet model. The sequential noise that the Lithos extractor hood produces during its ventilation stages ranges between 54 and 69 dB (at intensive speed). That is, you can use it at night without fear of disturbing anyone who’s sleeping.


If you are concerned about cleaning this type of appliance, we must tell you that the Lithos extractor hood is easy to maintain. It has a high-efficiency aluminum filter that retains the grease particles in the steam to prevent them from condensing on the internal walls of the hood and pipes and transforming into sticky mud that flows and stains the walls and countertop as it happens with some of these appliances. But the best part is that this filter can be simply washed with hot water and detergent or put in the dishwasher.


Another advantage of this model is its Energy Diffuser suction method. This feature optimizes energy consumption and makes the device much more efficient. This system increases the efficiency of the extractor hood by approximately 20% compared to a similar hood with the same engine power.


As you can see, this is certainly a versatile and sophisticated appliance that can be the cherry on top of any kitchen design. Don’t you agree? (Read also The importance of an extractor hood in the modern kitchen).


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