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All the technology and precision of a brand focused on excellence and perfection, framed in a modern, contemporary, and elegant design that’s aligned with the best and most demanding wines in the world. All this is now available to take your home to another level.


Just as in the cellar

Let’s be honest, taste isn’t only demonstrated based on our manners, but also in dressing for the part. The point is that having a fine collection of wines and not being able to display them as they deserve, takes away the pleasure of the collector (see 4 tips to help you choose a wine cabinet). That’s the reason why the model HW 4800  completes the experience, because either if your home is on top of a building or in a modern house, this wonderful appliance manufactured by Liebherr represents a sophisticated version of a traditional wine cellar.

The secret is on the stainless-steel shelves coated in solid beech wood that give the appearance of a traditional cellar, but rest on telescopic rails for easy and smooth movement. The storage allows to position the bottles horizontally, protecting the corks and thus, the quality of the wine.

Now, the superior quality of the HW 4800 goes beyond appearances. One of the reasons for storing wines in a cellar is to isolate them from the common environment, protecting them from moisture, odors, and pollution. As you can imagine, Liebherr considered all this and equipped the HW 4800 with an exchangeable activated carbon filter that purifies the air and guarantees perfect insulation, delaying the oxidation of these precious broths.

As if that wasn’t enough, the HW 4800 comes with a smart alarm system to alert you when the door has not been properly closed or if the ideal temperature has been compromised in any way.

All that to preserve the divine beverage.


La Cuisine InternationalTechnology at the service of wine

Perhaps wine is so appreciated in the world precisely because it’s not easy to maintain. Temperature, light, air quality, odors, everything can influence its quality and therefore, its enjoyment.

Another factor to consider is vibration. And this is where Liebherr makes a difference. The compressor in the HW 4800 operates perfectly with minimal vibration and movement, thus guaranteeing wine stability, while, of course, providing minimal noise and power consumption.

Additionally, Liebherr included its patented SoftSystem in the design of the HW 4800 for a smooth closure of the doors and a rotation of the hinges greater than 90o to suit the design of your kitchen, bar or office and the possibility to keep your bottles distributed in two temperature zones, each one adjustable to the type of wine.

If you want to make your wine cabinet even more personal, Liebherr offers you some accessories: the door can be made of tempered glass framed in stainless-steel, to which you can add a stainless-steel handle if you wish.

To facilitate storage and reduce bottle movement, you can add clips to easily identify wines, and of course, purchase the ideal products for cleaning and maintaining your equipment. Don’t limit the luxury of a good wine to the glass in which you serve it, a good Liebherr wine cabinet is definitely part of the experience.







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