Keeping everything perfectly frozen with the Freezer Vario RF461705 by Gaggenau


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Having everything perfectly frozen is a must in today’s household. However, there’s a point in time when the freezers of our refrigerators seem small, and we need to find a solution.


And that’s when having more space becomes a necessity. The first thing that comes to mind is an extra freezer that helps us relieve the refrigerator and gives us the space needed to keep safe both those foods that we wish to preserve after cooking and also frozen food that is the ace up our sleeve when we don’t have time to cook.


In this sense, having an ally like the Freezer Vario RF461705 from the 400 series by Gaggenau in our kitchen is hitting the jackpot. Recessed, spacious, and efficient, it meets all the aesthetic and functional requirements of an additional refrigerator.


Freezer and ice machine in one

Certainly, Gaggenau thought of everything for the design of the freezer Vario RF461705 from the 400 series. And the brand masterfully included in it an ice machine that lovers of cocktails and cold drinks will appreciate.


But what other advantages does this appliance offer? Well, in addition to the integrated automatic ice maker with a fixed water connection that produces 1.3 kg of ice cubes in 24 hours, it has a removable ice storage container with a capacity of approximately 2.5 kg, which will allow you to stock up in case you have a celebration at home.


Also, this is a freezer with a net capacity of 345 liters (12.2 cubic feet) that’ll provide a lot of storage space to your kitchen, so you can freeze all the groceries you want.

La Cuisine International


Easy-to-use state-of-the-art technology

With frost-free technology and fast freezing to -30°C, this appliance gives you the possibility to regulate the temperature in a range varying from -14°C to -24°C. To give you an idea of the capacity that the appliance offers, the same includes the following: 4 white safety glass shelves, 3 of which are individually height-adjustable, 2 fully extendable drawers with transparent fronts, and 4 height-adjustable door racks.


The stainless-steel interior with solid anthracite aluminum elements and bright, glare-free LED light points (3500 K) is complemented by the two opening options offered by this unit: push-to-open function for handle-free opening and pull-to-open function to use the handle.


Its TFT touch screen makes this an appliance that’s easy to operate and its Energy Star certification guarantees low energy consumption.  So after reading the list of attributes, we would agree with you if you chose this freezer as the option to keep everything well frozen, which is a masterpiece with the signature of Gaggenau.


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