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If enjoying a good cup of coffee is a pleasure, serving it will be a wonderful experience for the senses with the new Jura S8. Why? Because we’re talking about a coffee machine that offers an attractive process to choose the variety you want to enjoy, that enhances the properties of the beans and prepares and serves a top-quality coffee with just a touch of the screen.


We already know that since we’re used to the top-quality products manufactured by Jura. So, what’s new in this coffee machine that everyone’s talking about?


The answer is more complex than you can imagine since Jura always finds a way to overcome itself.


In this case, this is a coffee machine that combines the best of both worlds. On the one hand, it brings the design of compact-segment machines, which makes them more accessible and easier to manage, with the range of options typical of a premium machine. And on the other hand, opens a new segment in the manufacture of coffee machines: the premium mid-segment.



Style, technology, and quality

Fine and elegant lines, durable materials and an easy maintenance are some of the qualities of the Jura S8. The machine comes with a solid water tank with chrome-plated metal handles to prevent leaks. The cover of the bean container is made of hand-polished die-cast zinc to match the rest of the design, which includes hand-polished metal details based on the brand’s classic design line.


In terms of operation, the Jura S8 now offers a full color screen that shows precise animations of the types of beverages that can be prepared in the machine to help the user find what they want to drink quickly. Also, once the selection among 15 available specialties has been made, the screen will also show its step-by-step preparation, informing every detail of the entire process on a 4.3″ high-resolution digital touchscreen where you can record, rename, and schedule your preferences, aside from duplicating your orders among other things.


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Coffee, before anything else

Needless to say, coffee always comes first for Jura, and the S8 is no exception. To ensure the preparation of the best coffee beverages, this machine features the Aroma technology to grind the grain twice as fast, in the right amount and preserving its bouquet longer. The Pulse Extraction Process P.E.P guarantees a short extraction to add an explosion of flavor to the ristrettos and espressos, and its milk foam is unbeatable thanks to the refined devices included in the machine to produce a fine and durable foam, for the enjoyment of those who love a cappuccino, or any other variety finished with a foam crown.


The S8 is ideal to be installed in an office due to its compact size, or for home use thanks to the care of its design, allowing you and your guests to have a moment of indulgence nowadays that we should have all the comforts at home.


If working remotely has deprived you of the luxury of the great coffee of your favorite barista, become one without trying so hard: Jura S8 will do everything for you and with superior quality.


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