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Thermador has decided to welcome its users to the world of culinary adventure. The famous brand of luxury appliances opens a vast world of recipes, information, and suggestions that will be the delight of the curious palates of kitchen lovers.

Through Thermador Connected Experience from the Home Connect™ app, the user of the brand will be able to venture into the luxury content within the application, which has been carefully reviewed by outstanding partners such as the editors of Food & Wine and ButcherBox, to provide an exceptional experience according to the brand’s motto.

Thermador Connected Experience will not only help you program how and when your oven or coffeemaker is turned on, or how to get the most out of every Thermador appliance you have in your home. This app will also encourage you to take a virtual trip where you can either discover a new spice to enhance a meal or how to transform your favorite coffee beans into the perfect cup of that beverage.


La Cuisine International


From an application, to “THE APPLICATION”

Thermador Connected Experience invites you to “an adventure in the kitchen” or “to make the kitchen an adventure,” depending on how you use the information this app shares. The fact is that Home Connect™ has enabled all categories of products for exceptional culinary experiences, ready to help you explore properly the advantages of their devices, while exploiting their known talents and discovering new ones. Thus, the objective of this application is certainly getting you out of your comfort zone.

In the same way, Thermador Connected Experience from Home Connect™, allows you to control your devices remotely using your Smartphone or tablet or through smart devices selected for voice control. In short, this app brings style and innovation to culinary tasks. Something completely unique since incredible features are unlocked, and a fantastic trip starts, when a Thermador product is connected to the application.

Preparing, marinating, caring for

Thermador Connected Experience from Home Connect™, gives you access to personalized control for an experience that goes beyond the simple handling of devices. As you already know, the application allows you to send instructions for a specific recipe remotely to your induction oven or stove. This guarantees that the chicken, meat or whatever you want to eat for dinner is exactly cooked as you wish and at the time you need it. But also, Thermador Connected Experience offers you an extraordinary collection of culinary content, which will help you elevate the variety of dishes on your home menu to an incredible level with just the touch a button.

Another aspect you will certainly love about Home Connect™ is that with the access to the tons of delicious recipes also come wine suggestions. This will turn you into the host that everyone will want to emulate, and obviously will make you popular with your friends who will not be able to understand how, despite your multiple occupations, you still have time to cook as well as Gordon Ramsey. Don’t worry, you secret is safe with Thermador.

And as interesting as the above is the fact that Thermador Connected Experience will give you access to product tutorials, remote diagnostics, information for cleaning your Thermador appliances, plus special details that will allow you to take care of your appliances as a professional. So, this is THE APP that will change forever the way you cook with Thermador. Just take the first step and connect to it.


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