The 3 major architecture trends of 2023


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As the world continues to change and be transformed, so does architecture. Therefore, the estimates indicate that by 2023 the industry will exhibit the latest trends and technologies.

Here are three major trends that experts predict we’ll see in the field of architecture in the coming months.

Sustainability rules

As could be expected, there will be a stronger focus on sustainability as more architects are aware of the impact their designs have on the environment. That explains why we have seen how they try to incorporate sustainable, recycled, and renewable materials in their works in recent years.

This means that in the future we’ll see more buildings built with renewable materials, and resources, thus reducing their environmental impact. In short, it’s very likely that the use of solar panels, wind turbines, and even rainwater harvesting systems will no longer be the exception but will become the norm.

In addition, experts indicate that it’ll become increasingly common for architects to use natural lighting, and ventilation to reduce the need for electrical systems.

Curves above anything else

Besides, the projections for 2023 include architects embracing the beauty of curves more. Bold, creative designs with sinuous lines will take center stage in many architectural projects to be unveiled throughout the year.

In this way, sleek lines and organic forms will bring dynamism to any building, allowing for more interesting compositions that invite passersby to explore and admire such works. When it comes to architecture, 2023 will certainly be a year of innovation and experimentation, as projects with curved structures come to life.

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This trend is expected to be expressed in a variety of ways from curved roofs to wave-shaped walls. These wave structures are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they can also have stronger frames and provide additional benefits. For example, curved walls can serve to deflect winds, reduce noise, and even increase structural stability.

Back to basics

As contradictory as it may seem, the simplicity of minimalism will counterbalance the ostentation of the curves in this year’s architecture. This will be a major trend in interior decoration that will continue after 2023, going beyond the structures.

Its focus on clean, simple lines and shapes, combined with the use of natural materials and a color palette that is often neutral, will result in timeless-looking spaces that are both modern and elegant.

So, the coming months will show us interesting architectural works whose focus will be respecting the environment, moving between the carefree nature of the curves and the beauty of simplicity.


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