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Nowadays technology assists architects in almost any challenge they face. A handy and inspiring solution we want to share with you is RoomScan Pro, an App developed by Locometris. Get rid of the measuring tape and create blueprints using a smartphone! The result? A room blueprint ready in a minute.

Nothing escapes the impact of technological development, and the world of architecture is not an exception. The traditional way to make blueprints – with pencils, rulers and setsquares on a drawing table – experienced dramatic changes when design programs came into play.

Today the tedious task of measuring spaces by hand is getting easier. RoomScan helps register the positions, longitudes and orientation of the walls. After walking around the room and touching each wall, the App automatically generates a blueprint. For more precision, the Pro version allows the users to manually enter their own measurements and add characteristics like doors and windows.



The App, extremely popular on the market, offers a variety of functions. The level of precision is more than reasonable (approximately 10 centimeters of variation), which is useful for feasibility studies on a project launch phase. Still, on the design phase remember to adjust your measurements accordingly.

Knowing that the App totally depends on the hardware of a device, Locometric added the high precision mode. The measurements can be verified with a laser meter and one inch or millimeter fractions can be introduced to tweak the numbers to the max.

The ultimate updates include new characteristics to measure and draw stairs, scan and draw building facades, as well as patios and gardens. Likewise, it is possible to orient drawings in relation to others – even for different floors – and join the rooms automatically. Besides, you can select from measurements systems and a wide range of language options.

What other surprises will technology give us? Share your experience with the community of architects and designers in our blog.


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