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Having a fabulous kitchen is a great investment that deserves the best of care. Here are 10 tips for these jewels to keep shining.

1. Switch on the hood
Daily use of the extraction hood will prevent grease film from forming on the induction hobs or burners in your kitchen. However, it will also become dirty, so we recommend cleaning it with great care after cooking.

2. Cleanliness is the end word
No preparation can end without going over the cleaning of the kitchen, postponing it will only make it more difficult and will allow surfaces to corrode.

3. Each one with its own
The use of specialized products for each surface is an investment that will be rewarded with more years of duration and quality. Many brands recommend some very specific products. Use them and always follow the cleaning recommendations that come along with each of the appliances in your kitchen.

4. Cold cleaning
Induction hobs should not be cleaned until they have cooled down, not only for the safety of the person who is doing the cleaning job, but also to prevent scratches or stains on the worktops.


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5. No plastic allowed
Placing plastic containers on a hot plate can be a disaster. Share this information with the whole family to keep in mind.

6. Smoothness and speed
Using soft sponges to clean up at the moment surfaces get dirty will avoid scratching and the use of abrasive products.

7. Purify
If you have a gas stove, it is advisable to immerse the burners once a month in a solution of water, vinegar, and bicarbonate to remove obstructions in the gas diffuser.

8. Be careful with water
If you have an electric kitchen, protect the control panel from water. Clean it with a slightly damp sponge and make sure it dries thoroughly.

9. Smooth surfaces
Do not place trays and pots that are not completely smooth over the induction plates, and also make sure they are completely dry to prevent lime staining.

10. Things to Avoid
If the surface is stainless steel avoid acids such as lemon or vinegar, if it is glass or tempered glass be careful with sharp objects; common sense is always essential.


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