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They are usually overlooked, but the truth is that kitchen faucets are an essential element that can work for you, if you know how to take full advantage of it. How is that possible? Simple, choosing the right one for the specific needs of your sink and even for your family routine when it comes to using the kitchen.

In case you didn’t know, faucets have come out of anonymity to become design pieces. As a result, they went from the classic stainless-steel faucet to elegant and sophisticated valves made of different materials, colors, styles, and sizes. Even their long marriage to sinks has paved the way to an independent relationship, so that users can create the perfect combination according to their tastes and needs.

To all the above we must add that today’s kitchen faucets have ergonomic properties they didn’t have before, thus going from being a purely utilitarian piece to one that brings style, has an influence in terms of comfort, and even regulates water consumption in the kitchen. Currently, they not only provide water for cooking, washing dishes or rinsing food, but also have functions that go beyond that, and you just need to become familiar with them.


The first step is making the right choice

Although this may seem irrelevant, making the right choice of size and installation mode (countertop or wall mounted) is especially important for a faucet to work properly. Next, but not less important, is choosing the opening method, which comes in two types:

  • Single lever. It regulates the flow and temperature of water through a single lever. These are currently very trendy due to their ease of use and because they contribute to water savings.
  • Dual lever. They have different levers for hot and cold water.


 The best of the best: The Galley faucets


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 Today, choosing appliances and devices that help us save in all areas of our home has become critical. Faucets have entered this trend, so now it’s possible to choose models that help limit water consumption.

A good recommendation in this regard is to choose faucets that incorporate aerators and not overlooking double-lever ones. Why? Because faucets with aerators save up to 25% water and double-lever ones can take the savings to 50%.

On the other hand, if you are really looking for savings, nothing beats a single-lever faucet with aerator. With this combination you’ll not only avoid wasting water, but also save energy by reducing the consumption of hot water thanks to its cold central opening.

But let’s say you want all of the above in one faucet (that is beauty, energy saving, diverse materials and more). Well, in that case the solution is The Galley Tap.

Either in its single-lever or double-lever version, this faucet made of solid (316L) machined stainless-steel, offers you a variety of 6 options of finishes (Matte, Polished, PVD Gun Metal Gray™, PVD Satin Black, PVD Brushed Gold, and PVD Rose Gold) that’ll fit perfectly into your kitchen design. Additionally, both versions of this unit work with  forward rotating  ComfortFeel Lever Handle™.

The Galley Tap is a high spout faucet (11″ from deck to spout outlet) that has a hand spray extendable up to 27″ from the spout. It comes with an ergonomic slide switch that allows you to choose between laminar or Spray Ideal Flow®.

In the double-lever version (Galley Hot & Cold Tap) the hot side lever is spring loaded for automatic shutoff at ¼ turn and a thermally insulated spout. This faucet is designed to be compatible with reverse osmosis filtration systems. And as the cherry on top, The Galley also offers as a complement to these faucets the soap dispenser and the deck switch for the sink.

So, we invite you to take a look at the user manuals of the appliances in your kitchen so you can take full advantage of what they have to offer, making them work for you.



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