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The idea that trends fade away but the classics remain, it’s certainly an excellent description for the automatic coffee machine S8 by Jura. However, to take full advantage of such a sophisticated device, one must take some precautions and use the imagination with caution.


This elegant appliance of sculptural and sober design that belongs to the S line of the Swiss brand Jura, is a combination of quality and precision. Characterized by the impressively wide range of specialties it offers and the surprising results in the cup, this automatic coffee machine is also an example that the best things in life can be just a click away.


The variety of specialties, capable of satisfying even the most demanding coffee experts, are possible thanks to an operating system that uses simplicity and the user’s intuition. So far, so good. But what can you do to take care of this gem that allows you to prepare coffees like an experienced barista?

Here are some recommendations that’ll help you:


The Deadly Sins You Shouldn’t Commit

To take care of a device as sophisticated as the automatic coffee machine S8 by Jura and extend its useful life, pay close attention to the following recommendations:


  • Don’t fill the coffee bean container or ground coffee funnel with something else. This means you can’t use instant coffee, chocolate blends, tea, etc. Why? Because this can affect the proper operation of the infusion chamber.
  • Don’t fill the coffee bean container with products with an additional sugar treatment.
  • Never add “anything” extra to the coffee beans. This means that you cannot mix them with chocolate, rice, nuts, or spices.
  • Another important fact to know is that you should never fill this container with frozen coffee beans. If you store them inside the freezer, take them out for about 3 or 4 hours before filling up the appliance.
  • Always fill the water tank with filtered water at room temperature, except during the decalcification procedure.
  • Don’t use carbonated mineral water. You can use tap water, bottled water, spring water and reverse osmosis water.
  • The temperature of the water is important. Never use hot or cold water to fill the water tank. Use only water at room temperature.
  • Always remember that neither the machine nor its components can be introduced into the dishwasher.
  • Verify that the voltage you will use with the machine is the right one. Read the technical characteristics of the appliance located at the bottom of the same.


An important thing to know about these recommendations is that following them will not only ensure that the appliance will function optimally for a longer period, but also that the warranty will be maintained for the time established in the instructions.


Making the most of a coffee-making gem

This machine offers you 15 types of coffee that’ll allow you to please your guests, regardless of their exotic tastes. But did you know that you can prepare delicious cold coffee drinks in your Jura S8 at home that are ideal for summer gatherings?


Wonderful, right? Here’s one of those delicious recipes we mentioned so you can practice at home and surprise your guests with a Freshpresso.


Ingredients (serves 1)

  • 45 ml espresso
  • 30 ml vanilla-flavored syrup
  • Bottled (pasteurized) orange juice
  • Ice to taste


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Select the espresso option on your Jura S8. Remember that if you want to make two glasses of this drink you can select double espresso. Once the coffee is ready, put it in the blender along with the ice cubes, vanilla syrup, and orange juice.


Blend until you achieve a smooth texture, i.e. the ice doesn’t break up completely. Check if it needs more sugar or let your guests decide.


You can give a final touch to your Freshpresso either by garnishing with whipped cream or with a slice of orange in the glass. And voilá. With this recipe, Jura invites you to create all kinds of drinks for every taste just with a click of this coffee-making gem.


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