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Adapting the kitchen to the house and the refrigerator to your family is the smartest decision you can make. Proof of this is provided by the studies that have emerged in the post-pandemic period.


The research that has been done during and after lifting the confinement indicates that architects, interior designers, and homeowners have begun to rethink the organization within the home and the importance of each space. These studies state that the average person spends up to 80% more of their time cooking, which again, establishes the kitchen as the undisputed protagonist of the home scene.


But every house is different, and as a result, each kitchen is a unique and special space. The kitchen of an extended family is not the same as that of a young couple or a single person. In each of these spaces, some items are necessary and others are accessories that will depend, of course, on the culinary skills, budget, style, and square meters available. (See The 4 kitchen trends of 2021).



The kitchen that adapts to the new reality

In these times when the way of working seems to be a mixture of Alvin Toffler’s first and third waves, there are comfort features that the kitchen must offer, regardless of its size. Among them there are 4 very important features:


  • An inn or bar table. The kitchen has become the place to spend time with others, eat and work. So, whether you have an open kitchen or an L or U-shaped kitchen, make sure you have a spacious inn or bar table that allows you to enjoy your kitchen while you work.
  • Good lighting. This is another must. Natural light is important in this place of the house, but if that’s not the case, you can solve it with strategic lighting. Using a good lamp over the inn or table and recessed lights over the countertops and range will do the trick. (See Let there be light: 10 trends in kitchen lighting).
  • An oven. If the cooktop (gas or induction) is obvious in this area of the home, the oven is the unforgettable appliance to make your stay at home different and above all healthy. Choose an oven that makes your life easier in terms of baking modes and that’s also self-cleaning. (See The benefits of cooking with convection and steam ovens).


The issue of the refrigerator, which is the fourth item on the list of essentials in the kitchen, is something else. In the past, this appliance was bought almost randomly because it was seen as a device to preserve food. Today, choosing a refrigerator is a different task because it must adapt to the specific space available and the lifestyle of the owners.


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The perfect refrigerator for every family

The first rule to choose the perfect refrigerator is to calculate 4.5 cubic feet for each member of the household. This means that an 18 cubic feet refrigerator would be the ideal choice for a family of 4 people.


With that in mind, you can find the refrigerator that suits your needs and the size of your kitchen. In this sense you can explore between options such as the following:


  • The basic refrigerator. This is the traditional refrigerator. It’s the cheapest and simplest appliance in terms of operation, so it doesn’t have an extraordinary cooling and freezing capacity. They come with one door or two separate doors.
  • The combi type. These are models that have, in some cases, two independent motors, which allows them to operate at different temperatures in a more efficient way. As a general rule, they usually have a defrosting system that transforms the frost into water that then evaporates and causes more humidity, which favors food preservation. There’s also a version called French door (Combi French Door) that has three doors, two for the refrigerator and a lower one for the freezer.
  • The American type. This is the name given to the refrigerator with two vertical doors and more width. Each door is a part of the system, one is for the freezer and the other for the refrigerator. Some models have additional features such as a water and ice dispenser and are perfect for large families. Of course, this is the type of refrigerator that needs space.
  • The side by side. When it comes to the space for food preservation, this is the top of the line. Very similar to the American type, this refrigerator has two vertical doors, one for the freezer and one for the refrigerator, but unlike the previous one, the doors are independent.


As you can see, there are many options, so you can customize your kitchen by adapting it to your home and have a refrigerator that fits the needs of your family.


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