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Green will be the leading color in the kitchen in 2020. The so-called color of hope is one of the colors less likely to be used in this area of the home. However, next year this trend is reversed to open up to its different shades.

Green will certainly come to the kitchen to bring originality and freshness, but also luminosity. As it turns out, this color is perfect to enhance all the natural light that is in the kitchen, which will make the space look much larger than it actually is.

While there is nothing set in stone when it comes to combinations, it’s ideal to mix green with white. This blend will provide a lot of clarity which is perfect to achieve balance in the decoration of this room.

And you may be wondering how much green can you include in the kitchen? The answer is: as much as you want, as long as you don’t exaggerate and choose a shade that matches the style you want for your home.

So, you can decorate your kitchen with a tone as vibrant and cheerful as green through the color of the walls, choosing appliances of that shade or even furniture. But what you shouldn’t do under no circumstance is to go overboard and saturate the space with that color, because, instead of generating peace, tranquility and balance (emotions connected to the color green) you will achieve the opposite effect.


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Loving everything green

If you like to follow trends, here are a few suggestions on the shades of green that designers will most likely use in kitchens in 2020.

Mint. The combination of this shade of green with off-white or pure white is fantastic for the kitchen. It’s a combination that creates a feeling of cleanliness and openness, as we said, to favor natural lighting.

This can be incorporated into the kitchen either on the walls or in the furniture. But if this seems too risky, perhaps you can succumb to the charm of the appliances that SMEG has in this shade, which will give a very retro and sophisticated style to your kitchen.


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Olive. Betting on the olive hue in the kitchen will add sophistication to it. Whether you only paint the walls in this color, or just choose it for the ceiling and floor, the color will speak at the same time of a homeowner who likes frugality, but one who knows how to be bold when the situation requires it.

Some designers mix this color with microcements, weathered woods, and fibers. This makes it stand out and gives the space a certain warmth.


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Apple. This is perhaps the most daring shade of the palette. However, it’s the green that will manage to add a relaxing, cheerful, modern, and fresh atmosphere to your kitchen.

Perfect for backsplashes, appliances, and decorative elements, this shade will look great when combined with a material like steel as it matches perfectly such a vivid color. A good idea that can bring personality to this area of the home is to choose a white table in combination with chairs in this shade of green.


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Dark green. It’s the most elegant option in the range. If you combine it with white tiles and country details, you can have a kitchen worthy of any magazine at home.

Today rustic is chic, so dare to be bold, and if you want to add even more style to the kitchen, include golden details in the furniture or choose a faucet in this shade and you will see that your friends will be green with envy.

So, 2020 is the year of the challenge and green is the motto that will help you add a touch of renovation in the most important area of your home.


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