Glass sinks: a touch of sophistication in the kitchen


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Hearing about sinks manufactured in marble and even glass is something that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Considering the aesthetics in the kitchen is increasingly trendy nowadays, and such an essential element in this room of the home has not been ignored in this revolution.

Yes, the kitchen isn’t just a laboratory for flavors anymore or a place to hide because it’s just a utilitarian space full of scents. Not at all. Since the kitchen was crowned as the center of our homes, everything that belongs to it must be sophisticated, technological, useful, or at least beautiful.

This new concept, influenced by the design, can be seen in the materials, shapes and colors of the items that previously weren’t considered as important or valuable such as faucets, countertops, and sinks. Thus, the catalog of options has expanded significantly, allowing you to have a kitchen according to the image of your dreams and your needs.


 From stainless-steel to glass: thanks to Franke

In this sense, the brand Franke turns every element of your kitchen into a work of art. Their wide range of options -as far as sinks are concerned- gives any designer or architect absolute freedom of creation in an area of the kitchen that had been overlooked in the past.

So, this Swiss brand has been responsible to give another meaning to classic sinks characterized by a double-bowl in stainless-steel with the faucet in the middle,  a meaning that’s even more in line with the designs of current kitchens. Being able to be installed undercounter and offering formats that make it easy to include different accessories (cutting boards, baskets to wash food, drains, waste disposal units, etc.) are some of the advantages used by Franke to change its approach.

However, the sink Crystal Line CLV-214-D of this brand is definitely something else. Designed by architect Mario Ferrarini, this sink manufactured by Franke brings to your kitchen a harmonious set of materials, between stainless-steel and black glass.


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This appliance will be the cherry on top of the design of any kitchen, since you’ll have a perfect piece of geometry where the strength of the steel frame will be in contrast to two glass plates with a thickness of 6 mm. These plates are perfectly inserted to hide the drain slots and give a distinctive touch to the other elements of the system.

Like other Franke sinks, this model is easy to clean, heat resistant (the fusion temperature of the stainless-steel is at the threshold of 1450oC) and also corrosion-resistant. And the best thing is that its innovative aesthetic proposal will harmonize perfectly with all the materials included in your kitchen, while providing you with a cutting-edge appliance.

This sink that allows two installation possibilities, built-in and flush, has the drain on the right side and is designed for a 60-cm piece of furniture. It also comes with a waste kit with remote twist control and liquid soap dispenser.

However, you can customize this equipment with accessories offered by the brand such as: waste disposal unit (optional), strainer bowl, cutting board and even a Rollamat. All of the above would turn this sink into much more than a space to clean food or dishes. That is, you could easily have a perfect service station for those family parties or unexpected gatherings  with friends.

Caring for this sink is no different than caring for other sinks of the brand. The glass should be treated gently and cleaned with non-corrosive products, as well as the rest of the appliance. This will guarantee that the stainless-steel preserves its shine. Also, the brand suggests applying a detergent cream with a damp cloth or a combination of white vinegar and hot water using a sponge made of a synthetic material to remove lime stains.

So, are you ready to take the next step when it comes to aesthetics in the kitchen?


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