Falmec’s countertop extractor hoods: a touch of the 21st century in your kitchen


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Countertop extractor hoods are one of the fashion trends when it comes to creating stylish kitchens. Quiet and discreet, they are a dream come true for lovers of minimalist and modern spaces.


Falmec has stamped its signature on this requested version of the extractor hood, an example of which is the 48″ (120 cm) Down Draft model FDDOW48T6SS. This telescopic countertop extractor hood is the ingenious formula that this Italian company created to combine three key concepts in a single appliance: state-of-the-art technology, sophisticated design and practicality.


Perfect for an open kitchen concept with the cooktop or range on the central island as a monument to modernism and good taste, this extractor hood that appears only when its work is needed, is an extremely smart solution for an installation that requires aesthetic perfection.


The extractor hoods of the new era

Yes, there’s a revolution in the world of extractor hoods. Today, not only can you choose from a wide range of options, but you can also decide if you want this to be part of the kitchen design, or simply, be the best-kept secret of this area of your home.



Before, when someone wanted a fully open kitchen with a central island that offered 360 degrees of area available to move around, it was almost torturing to decide where and how to install the extractor hood. This led to interesting solutions such as island extractor hoods, which every day seem more beautiful. But a more radical bet also emerged: telescopic countertop extractor hoods.


Unlike island extractor hoods, countertop extractor hoods were born to go unnoticed. Equipped with a technological concealment system -which allows them to be integrated into the cooktop or range to take advantage of the free space- these units also offer a total extraction work over the range due to their proximity.


The countertop extractor hood model FDDOW48T6SS by Falmec sits directly at the rear of the range. This allows you, first of all, to quickly absorb the steam or smoke generated by the food you’re cooking, and secondly, to prevent the spread of bad odors.

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The Falmec touch

To speak about the countertop extractor hood model FDDOW48T6SS by Falmec is to speak about one of the most powerful and quiet telescopic extractor hoods on the market. This countertop extractor hood not only appears when needed but also doesn’t bother you while cooking. This certainly makes it the perfect choice if it comes to solving the issue of odor absorption in one of those open space kitchens where the range has the centerstage, around which guests can sit and share.


With a perimeter suction system, the model FDDOW48T6SS by Falmec is manufactured in stainless steel (Scotch-Brite AISI 304). This means that if you purchase this extractor hood you’ll bring to your home not only a high-end appliance with state-of-the-art technology but also one with high corrosion resistance that will preserve its beauty and operation longer.


Other benefits that you may be interested to know: this device has touch control for its 4 speeds and 24 h function, LED lighting, removable and washable anti-grease filter, as well as an optional remote control.


The decision is yours, but trust us, this countertop extractor hood and its “disappearing act” (itself as well as unpleasant smells) is the touch of the 21st century that your kitchen was waiting for. (Read also How to take care of your extractor hood in 4 steps).


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