Falmec Nuvola 90 the almost invisible extractor hood that takes the kitchen experience to the next level


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The stainless-steel ceiling extractor hood Falmec Nuvola 90 takes extraction to the next level. While all kitchen extractors hoods aim to eliminate odors and achieve a purer environment, this model by Falmec adds an extra touch to the equation: discretion.


We could describe this extractor hood as an almost invisible appliance that integrates perfectly into the ceiling or false ceiling of your kitchen, being unnoticed and completing any design where you want to incorporate it. So if you’re looking for a new extractor hood, you’ll find everything you need on the model Nuvola 90 by Falmec.


On top of the trends

Currently, the trend when it comes to kitchen extractors favors ceiling extractor hoods. Fully embedded, recessed or simply placed just above the cooktop or range, this type of extractor hood goes unnoticed.


In this sense, although the model Nuvola 90 by Falmec fits that description, it isn’t just any extractor hood. Why? Because it’s an appliance with perimeter suction and neon lighting that on the one hand maintains the environment free of smells and on the other, gives a chic touch to the kitchen by illuminating to perfection what’s created in it.


And if you add to this the fact that you can adjust the speed and change functions with electronic controls, thanks to its Dialogue system. We are talking about an extractor hood that adapts to today’s world where technological sophistication is everywhere, even in the kitchen.



High quality, easy installation, and guaranteed silence

La Cuisine International

The Falmec brand is well known for the high quality included in each of its products. Careful details, and the meticulous selection of luxury materials and finishes are other features that are evident in their appliances.


And the Nuvola 90 extractor hood is no exception. Made of steel with white finishes, it has an extra-clear silkscreen-printed glass that allows for perfect illumination. Details like these have been thought and studied so that you have at home an extractor hood that lasts over time thanks to the selection of highly reliable components and resistant materials.


On the other hand, one thing that makes Falmec extractor hoods unique is their installation in filtering mode. This means that they don’t need ducts to extract smoke and odors from the exterior. That’s why they can be installed anywhere, without the need for masonry work, which assures you that the aesthetics of your kitchen will be respected.


One thing that always worries homeowners is the annoying noise they produce. That’s why Falmec has included in its extractor hoods a solution that eliminates the noise: the innovative NRS (Noise Reduction System) technology, which guarantees 90% noise reduction.


As if that wasn’t enough, this brand that makes sure that its appliances offer comfort at home, has included 4 operating speeds and a removable metal grease filter that can be cleaned in the dishwasher without problems in the model Nuvola 90.

That being said, now you’ll understand why we said at the beginning that this almost invisible extractor hood not only takes extraction to the next level, but also elevates the style of your kitchen.


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