Discover the advantages of a warming drawer like the model WSP221710 by Gaggenau



Warming drawers like the model  WSP221710 by Gaggenau are the kitchen’s best-kept secret. And although many believe that they only allow food to be preserved at the right temperature, the truth is that they can help in many other aspects.


Neutral and quiet, these appliances that many confuse with the bottom of the oven are an excellent bet when you have little time to eat and/or a large family. With the help of a warming drawer like the model WSP221710 by Gaggenau, you can get rid of some tedious tasks.


What tasks are we talking about? Keep reading.


Reheat, maintain, and cook

Let’s begin with its best-known characteristics: reheating, maintaining, and cooking. Let’s say you organized a dinner with friends to celebrate a promotion or birthday or simply the opportunity to share with friends at home presented itself. Well, this is when the benefits of a warming drawer like the WSP221710 by Gaggenau come to light.


With this appliance, you can keep the main course warm while your guests finish with the starters. It doesn’t matter if you need to keep the chicken, paella or even pasta warm while everybody finishes the salad. The important thing is that you’ll be able to enjoy the gathering and be the perfect host at the same time because you won’t have to remain next to the cooktop, as this warming drawer will maintain the correct temperature of the second course of the night.

Also, and thanks to its 4 power levels in a temperature range from 40°C to 80°C you can reheat, maintain, or even cook the dish you need. This model can safeguard a dinner for 6 people in dishes and deep bowls of 24 cm and even a serving plate.


Simmering isn’t a problem either for this appliance by Gaggenau. You could roast a hind leg in this warming drawer until noon of the next day without any inconvenience.


Thaw and even ferment


What few know about an appliance like the WSP221710 by Gaggenau is that in addition to avoiding reheating a meal in the traditional way -which often causes it to lose that characteristic flavor- this device is quite useful, like we said before, taking over tedious tasks such as thawing and fermenting.


Yes, among the little-known advantages of warming drawers is the possibility to thaw meats without cooking them and the same applies to soups and stews, without these losing their properties.


But what you would certainly like to know is that this appliance is the perfect ally when it comes to baking. Do you like to make homemade bread, but have no patience to wait for the fermenting phase? Well, place the dough in your drawer WSP221710 by Gaggenau and this step will be done in a short time.


Sober design and high-quality materials

Like other appliances manufactured by the brand, the warming drawer WSP221710 is made with a unique user experience in mind. Manufactured in stainless steel, this drawer has a sturdy glass base, which guarantees that you’ll pay for a high-end appliance that’ll last a long time.


Besides, this appliance is easy to clean and operate. For the former, using a cloth with water and degreaser, or vinegar after each use will be enough,  while for the latter, the appliance has a rotary knob that you’ll find when you open the drawer with gentle pressure. This knob will allow you to select the level of heat at which you want to preserve, cook, ferment, or thaw your dish or food.


This warming drawer for recessed installation adapts to any kitchen design. However, Gaggenau advises considering that the appliance will need space at the front for its operation (door opening) when it comes to choosing where to install it.


As you can see, warming drawers not only allow you to keep your dishes ready to eat as if you just cooked them, but they also incorporate additional features designed to increase the versatility of your kitchen and facilitate your life.




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