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Throughout history, color symbolism has marked human creations. Many outstanding personalities have contributed to the analysis of its perception and application, including Isaac Newton and his experiments with different properties of light.

Passing a ray of light through a prism, Newton showed seven different hues in its decomposition. This revelation proved that colors were not associated with the objects, but rather with the qualities of light and the way it could be refracted. Based on these findings, two types of colors were stated: original, or simple ones, and their combinations.

Later on, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the precursor of the psychology of color, suggested that a color heavily depended on our perception, defined by brain activity and the sense of sight. Contrary to Newton’s purely physics theory, it is subjectivity that sets the rules of the game.

Following the ideas of Goethe, the latest study on color conducted by Eva Heller explains how colors act over feelings and reasoning. According to Heller, associations between colors and feelings are rooted in our language and mentality.


Immaculate kitchens

The analysis of color, its perception and influence forms part of daily agenda for designers and architects. In a color palette, white is one deserving a closer look. Associated with purity, perfection, and a new beginning, it still remains the most underestimated color in the world of design.

However, the classic simplicity of this hue is an ideal backdrop to dress a kitchen. Kitchen is the heart of each home, a warm space filled with comfort and freshness. The use of white perfectly evokes these feelings and creates an ambient welcoming to linger in.

White kitchens undoubtedly stand the test of time and inspire a diversity of creative ideas to be put into practice. For example, sole-colored white walls allow attractive combinations with floors in different tones and textures. An ivory white gives a subtle elegance that will never go out of fashion. Islands, cabinets or countertops made in snow white are a perfect base for kitchen appliances to stand out.




Among the perks of white is the feeling of spaciousness. Kitchen brings all family members closer together during the day, often being the most visited room. That is why the sensation of space is so vital in kitchen design solutions, especially regarding limited spaces.

For more inspiration, try playing with light and color details! A big window, a small pot with greenery, or kitchen utensils made in wood capture the essence of nature to give a touch of life to a white kitchen, matching the charm of minimalism.

Out of so many associations, white is also related to honesty. So, why not designing an honestly stunning kitchen?


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