Entertaining family and friends is a beloved pastime for culinary enthusiasts, and while powerful Thermador cooking and cooling appliances assist in creating a delectable feast to be served to guests, there are also supplementary appliances that can make the perfect supporting cast depending on your own cooking and entertaining style.


Warming drawer

An evening of entertaining friends and family begins with a delectable hot meal. A Thermador Convection Warming Drawer is the perfect companion product to built-in wall ovens, professional ranges or a cooktop – especially for the host who enjoys seated dinner parties. Whether assisting the chef in timing the meal preparation so every dish is served warm, keeping a main dish warm if guests are tardy, or preparing warmed plates ahead of serving the meal, the warming drawer heats and warms efficiently, quickly and evenly. It can fit up to 32 dinner plates and offers three different temperature settings to ensure the food is kept at the ideal temperature without continuing to cook.

While they may not take center stage in the cooking process, these appliances can make all the difference when hosting the ultimate dinner party or holiday event, saving time and assisting in the preparation so hosts can spend more time mingling with their company.


Wine Refrigerator

The right bottle of wine can turn a good meal into a fabulous experience for the palate. Ultimate entertainers will greatly benefit from placing wine columns in the kitchen and throughout the home to ensure that a refreshing beverage is always on hand. The Thermador Freedom® Collection Wine Columns can store up to 80 bottles of your finest vintage wines, preserving wine with dual independent temperature and humidity controls. With endless options and seamless integration, culinary enthusiasts can also enjoy the freedom to build as many wine columns as they need to design their ultimate entertaining space.

Built-In Coffee Machine

Whether preparing a warm beverage to accompany the meal or an after-dinner treat, the Thermador Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine is an indulgence that will quickly become a necessity and guests will thoroughly enjoy. This completely programmable appliance can prepare an espresso, cappuccino, latte and any other coffee drink just the way you like it – a great addition to the kitchen, dining room or media room to offer guests a warm after-dinner beverage, also ideal for a guest suite so overnight visitors can wake up to a delicious cup of coffee.

Double Dishwashers

The final act after entertaining large groups of friends and family is the clean-up, which means a second dishwasher makes a wonderful addition in the kitchen of the ultimate host. The addition of a second dishwasher provides extra space to place dirty dishes, serving ware and wine glasses so the kitchen is always kept tidy, also incredibly useful when many large pots and pans are used in the creation of the meal for faster cleanup before guests arrive. This also allows the host to quickly wash a set of wine glasses or plates to be re-used in time for dessert. The Thermador Star-Sapphire® Dishwasher truly helps real cooks to entertain without restrictions. Flexible racks, Star® Speed and numerous other features means that an evening of entertaining never has to pause for lack of a serving plate or wine glass.

As important as it is to select the right Thermador cooking and culinary preservation for your cooking style, it is also essential to think about the type of entertaining you do and consider incorporating supplementary appliances to ensure your next event is seamlessly executed.

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