Translucent housing, the latest trend in architecture


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Sustainable housing is the focal point of today’s architecture. Along the way, architects and builders have rediscovered materials, invented new ways of construction, and enlisted innovative allies.


Thus, in this attempt to reduce the carbon footprint, translucent surfaces have arrived and, although many don’t believe it, it seems to be a trend that contemporary housing will adopt in the years to come.


Can’t believe it? Well, read on and we’ll tell you why.


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Transparent barriers and emerging spaces

Translucent architecture, as a new trend that has taken by storm countries like Japan, is certainly a bold proposal, but it offers multiple advantages.

One of the greatest qualities of transparent surfaces is lighting. On these surfaces, natural light and heat are important sources of energy that contribute to making homes more efficient in terms of electricity consumption.


Likewise, the transparency of the materials used in this architectural style imprint the spaces of the home with an unusual sense of freedom. Its inhabitants point out that living in this type of construction has given them the feeling of being connected with the environment, and with nature.


Architects specialized in the subject say that, naturally, a new space takes center stage in this new structural approach: the porch.  Thus, the neo-porch is born, an intermediate territory that is favored by fresh air and natural light.


What are the characteristics of this new space? According to decorators and architects, the neo-porch is a space that lacks boundaries or rigid borders. Therefore, it is rather an abstract area where you can organize casual or programmed meetings, and whose life, use, or aesthetics will be determined by the owner of the house.


Innovative and traditional materials

To create translucent surfaces, architecture professionals had to look into the properties of materials and even make use of some that were formerly little known in their trade, such as polycarbonate.


Ideal for making doors, windows, or canopies, this material is slowly taking the stage from glass. Not only because it is lighter, but also because it offers greater resistance to impact and deterioration. And as if that were not enough, unlike glass, it can be worked and molded as desired.


But while polycarbonate has become the star of this new construction scheme, wood has also made a comeback. This noble material, which has always accompanied architecture, has had an important revival in recent years.


However, when it comes to translucent architecture, wood acquires incredible prominence as it is an eco-friendly material that looks great and creates sober and clean spaces.


Thus, the nature of this type of architectural approach leaves in the past the old concepts of what a shelter is or isn’t to favor a symbiosis between exterior and interior environments.


What do you think? Would you dare to live in one of these houses whose trend will become more visible every day?


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