Culinary enthusiasts thrive from the inspiration offered at local markets as they select fresh ingredients, herbs and spices for a menu that will bring joy to friends and family. Hosting and entertaining fun gatherings, as well as planning and cooking delectable feasts, are enjoyable moments for real cooks. Every home entertainer has a preferred style of cooking and entertaining that is unique to their preferences and lifestyle. As the art of personalization continues to influence trends in kitchen design, we are seeing that culinary and design enthusiasts are coming up with a wide variety of unique combinations of appliances, and especially culinary preservation columns that meet their needs and make them the best cook they can possibly be.

While cooking appliances like the range or cooktop always take center stage when preparing a meal, culinary preservation columns act as the opening and closing scenes in every event.

This week we are exploring the cooking and entertaining style of the Ultimate Entertainer. The Ultimate Entertainer is the type of host who is always ready to effortlessly welcome friends, family and other guests for dinner parties, casual afternoon brunches, weeknight cocktails or a joyous holiday meal.

This tier of entertainer requires an array of cooling appliances in order to entertain throughout the home at any given point in time and for any size gathering. The ultimate entertainer is always prepared at a moment’s notice to present unexpected guests with delicious appetizers quickly prepared with fresh ingredients from the built-in refrigerator, or they may have a homemade sorbet stored in a freezer refrigerator that may have been prepared ahead of time.

In the kitchen, an entire wall – at least 90” or more – will be dedicated to fresh food storage, providing ample room for fresh ingredients and pre-made dishes, catering trays and leftovers. Ultimate entertainers need optimal freezer space to store any pre-made dishes that need to be frozen, such as desserts or soup stock, ready to grab at a moment’s notice for an impromptu celebration.

In the dining room, and likely also in a media or entertainment center, there will also be at least one or two more wine columns that perfectly store multiple fine vintage wines ready to be served before, during and after a meal. This room may also hold additional freezer and refrigeration storage to accommodate the need for ice, fresh garnishes and desserts or appetizers that need to be chilled at the perfect temperature until it is time to serve.

Culinary preservation centers are also appearing in other rooms throughout the home, including in dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms and guest rooms. As the perfect host, the Ultimate Entertainer will design their home to always be prepared to entertain friends, family and guests. Complete beverage centers make a wonderful addition to the guest rooms in the homes of Ultimate Entertainers, ensuring guests will always have a chilled refreshment or a hot cup of coffee nearby.

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