The top 5 of the Olympus of architecture: The A+ Awards


The award that elevates the best architectural works of the year to the same category of Gods just opened the registration process for nominations. This program hopes to encourage the design and the creation of works of the highest quality with obvious impact on the lifestyle of users and the aesthetics of urban centers.

The contest offers an opportunity that will allow architects to present their work to a global audience of more than 400 million people, among which are a distinguished qualifying jury formed by a group of architects, designers, advertising professionals, fashion artists, technology developers, and important businesspeople that constitute a jury of 400 people.

Here are the winning works of the last 5 years in different categories:


La Cuisine International


2013 Plus Winners Architecture + Aging: Chapel on a Hill. Estudio Santander

The religious temple located in San Antonio, Texas is inspired in the evolution from adulthood into old age. It has an area of 8,660 square feet (804.54 square meters) and it is built with recycled materials from aircraft fuselage. “We were looking to create a space that inspires and brings calm and peace to an individual in the horizon of their life. A space that tenderly hugs the individual, one that reminds the user of a memorable place or experience, without necessarily remembering the precise moment or location.” The main characteristic of this work is the diffuse division of its spaces.


La Cuisine International


2014 Plus Winners Architecture + Technology: Edgeland House

Located in Austin, Texas, the Edgeland House is a modern version of the traditional Native American Pit house. It is embedded in the ground to take advantage of the thermic protection of the latter. Among the reasons to win the award are the fact that since it is covered by a green roof and located on an excavation of 7 feet on the ground, it’s warmer in the winter and fresher during the summer, offering important energetic savings, aside from a full integration with the natural environment that surrounds it.


La Cuisine International


2015 Plus Winners Architecture + Low Cost Housing: Bamboo Micro Housing

Having in mind the 280,000 people who lack a permanent home in Hong Kong, the Bamboo Project Micro was designed for the 2013 Hong Kong/Shenzhen Biennial, which offered a minimum cost solution of easy installation and sustainable to provide transition housing in unused industrial spaces. Besides, the approach of this architectural studio was installing the same inside the buildings of abandoned factories.


La Cuisine International


2016 Plus Winners Architecture + Branding: Donald Judd Home + Studio

The Judd Foundation remodeled the cast-iron building built in the XIX century where artist Donald Judd worked and lived since 1968 until his death in 1994.
The idea was to preserve the building and transform it to showcase, both in its façade and its interior, the concept of the philosophical and creative process of the artist.


La Cuisine International


2017 Plus Winners Concepts – Architecture + Engineering: Sharon Fieldhouse

This building is in the junction between several baseball fields and constitutes a gathering location for the community of Alleghany County. The structure built with glass and steel, aims to gather the people who attend diverse social, sport related, and cultural activities in the community, giving them the privilege to enjoy the natural environment in a fully open space.

So, we will have to wait for this year’s awards and its works to enjoy the proposals that these Gods of architecture are able to build.


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